Payment Plan Policy

The Global TESOL College payment plan is a way for students to pay their tuition online over a period of time. For both In Class and Online courses, students can set up their own payment plan on the website without staff assistance.

Students are allowed to break their payments up under the following conditions:
1)There is a CA$10 administration fee for every payment.
2)There cannot be more than one month between payments.

Example: If a student owes CA$500 and wants to pay CA$100 each month, there will be 5 payments of CA$110 (includes admin. fee).

In Class payments: The deposit is to be CA$400, and each subsequent payment should be minimum CA$100.

Online Payments: The deposit is to be CA$200, and each subsequent payment should be minimum CA$100.

Payment Methods: Only credit cards are accepted for the payment plan payments.

Student access to courses and resources under the payment plan are as follows:
1. Foundation Course - upon registration.
2. Forums - upon registration.
3. JobBank - upon completion of course.
4. Specializations - after completion of Foundation course.
5. Transcript/Certificate - sent once all payments have been received.

Payment Successes and Failures:
1) When a payment is successful, a notification email is sent to the student confirming that payment was received.
2) If a payment fails, a notification email is sent to the student alerting them to payment failure with instructions for appropriate actions.
3) Once a payment failure occurs, there is a 10 day grace period within which online courses and resources will still be available to the student, after which time if no payment has been received, temporary suspension of the account may occur.