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General » TESOL Foundation Course with Kathy Ezard
I took the foundation course with Kathy as my instructor and I am happy with the result. I learned about what it's like to teach and live overseas through Kathy's personal stories. Kathy also taught me important skills to use when teaching English as a foreign language.

Although I have not yet started a contract overseas, Kathy was able to find recruiters from China who were interested in hiring me. I also had successful interviews with Japanese recruiters and owe part of my success to Kathy for giving me guidance.

I highly recommend taking the Global TESOL Foundation course with Kathy.
General » Power Language Training in Hangzhou, China. How is teaching at this school?
Hey all.

I recently earned my foundation course certificate and have been receiving a few job offers from Chinese recruiters. The offer that seems the most appealing to me is from the school 'Power Language Training', which is located in Hangzhou, China.

Does anyone here have first hand experience working at this school? If so, what was it like working for them?