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General » Back home after more than a decade overseas..
what you are hitting is the closed shop mentality , you have to have a degree and I guess be a union member to get a job teaching in Canada.
The truth is they tend to favour their own home grown people , I know its blatant racism but thats Canada. Certain public civil servant jobs are always given to close family and friends.
I have a friend who got laid off in oil and gas , he was chinese , could not get a job in Canada so he went back to China within days of landing he had found a job.
What does that tell you hmm?
General » Bachelors Degree
Depends on which country you intend teaching at , most specify a degree and its a requirement for entry into that country.
I have just completed the Advanced Tesol Diploma and I too have no degree, it does limit your choices considerably.
You have to check through the adverts and pick out ones that are not specifying a degree.
Having said that you have some practical experience in the classroom which may help.