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General » Looking for work in Asia
Cheers Jim,

I done my TESOL training online.
And thanks! I'll send you an email.

General » Looking for work in Asia
Hey there,

In January I recently passed my 240 TESOL Cert, and in 2 - 3 weeks, I have my ceremony for my Bachelors degree. I've had a few interviews for jobs in Japan and S.Korea - where I would like to go and teach - but haven't gotten anything yet.

I tried emailing the academic TESOL email address for assistance in Finding a job in S.Korea or Japan, but I never heard back. After contacting someone from the NZ branch, I was told to make a post here.

Thanks in advance for any help!
General » Looking for work
I just finished my Professional TESOL Certificate course through global TESOL (240 hours), and I have completed my bachelors degree, but am pending graduation with the graduation date 26th March 2015. I don't have any teaching experience, and would be looking for ALT / Entry level work in Japan.
I am currently in New Zealand, and I would like to move to get there for the April start, but would like to move somewhere between end of march - july.