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General » My TESOL Course Experience!
There is really no way to explain to someone who hasn't taken the TESOL course what the course is like without telling them "you should just take the class and then you'll see".

I went to the first day of class really not knowing what to expect. Jim, our teacher for the next 5 days, told us this class was more than just learning how to teach abroad and more about looking at ourselves in the mirror. Boy was he right! Jim has a way of inspiring and encouraging others so poetically and thoughtfully.
In just a matter of 5 days barriers were broken between students and we were all able to open up to one another.
Since t our last class I definitely have a better outlook on my future. The course, Jim's teachings, and the other classmates, were the boost of energy I really needed. I am truly blessed and thankful for everything that has come out of the TESOL course. I know I've said it plenty times before but once more can't hurt; thank you Jim, thank you Kat, thank you Laila and thank you to every single classmate!
Stephanie S.