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Hello. Does anyone know anything about a test/evaluation given by the above company pre-hiring, pls?

I'm being asked to do one now, having had my interview ...

Really grateful for any help and info, pls. Thanks!
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That sounds wonderful and good for you! Terrific idea to take some time to see things first ... Taiwan should be fascinating!
I think this is such a great combination - educating ourselves while we do the same for others. I trust all works out well for you, Ryan! And again, I really do appreciate your info - I had put off writing until I knew ...

Take care,
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Hi, Ryan. That's been really helpful and thanks so much! :) You did the same one? Or a different one? Hope you're having a lot of things coming your way?

Have a great night!


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Hi to all. :) Is there anyone who can tell me how long the online exam is for "Teaching Children English", pls? I need to know how much time to put aside to do this - especially in a quiet environment. Thanks!! :)

~ Colleen