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Aston English is a very trustworthy company if you are inclined to work at an English Training Centre (fewer students) than a public school. As far as I know this is a world-wide company, so you can try.
General » Summer camps 2013
P S. I tried looking for Summer Programs in Italy. I found quite a few BUT the EFL teacher cannot make (save) any's just "break even".
General » Summer camps 2013
Here is another website where you can find plenty of EFL teaching opportunities. So many of them are in Europe, and Vietnam, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

If you like to go to Europe then you can try these website although, be aware that it is not easy to get into any EU member country. The website I am talking about is:
General » Summer camps 2013
Whether for summer camps or September 2013 Term (or even this February/March), all you need to do is create an account at then post your resume and you will get offers/replies.
General » Discriminatory Job Postings
Arianne, your first three paragraphs should or must be directed to those who write these ads. Ask them their definition of a 'native speaker'. We can speculate but in the end, they have their own definition. If you are a member of a LinkedIn forum of those involved in ESL/EFL you will see how many definitions have been suggested...and people are still arguing about it...becase they are not the ones placing these ads.

Your last paragraph had been answered by the many that I have mentioned above. You assumed reasons for these practices but you are not an employer, I suppose. Most of these employers do not have any clue about English and have no way of knowing whether their students are taught the right thing so, their only card is; 'Make NATIVE SPEAKER a requirement' assuming that if you were born in these specific country, you can nteach English. Therefore, such practice is based not on good knowledge but on ignorance.
General » Discriminatory Job Postings
You said, "The jobs advertised are marketed towards English Native speakers." That's my main point why Global TESOL Canada should distance itself from this discriminatory recruitment practice. That means it is immoral for Global TESOL to advertise this because it is discriminatory...although Global TESOL in some other countries may not care.

You said, "If TESOL were to do as you suggest then the entire ESL industry would be affected." I want the entire ESL industry to be affected...what's your pain?

General » Discriminatory Job Postings
Donald, for you to better understand what I said, let me give you an example:

You have a childhood friend who is "closer than a brother" to you. Later in life, he confided to you that he likes to have sex with young boys. You know pedophilia is illegal in Canada and so you started to do some research for some places where that practice can be excused or tolerated. In the course of your research, you found a report from the US military that young boys gather at the gate of the Afghan military barracks every afternoon and are taken inside to have 'sex for money' with the Afghan soldiers. You are delighted to tell this to your friend...after all, if he goes there, the crime is not in Canadian soil and anyway, it's not you raping those's your friend.

You have not broken the law but are you excused? Donald, the phrase 'guilt by association' is way too simple for you to understand.
General » Discriminatory Job Postings
Donald, your answer is typical of that which comes from somebody wo couldn't care less..."if you want to go abroad to teach English, then can't choose the system". This you can say because you are a native speaker and who may not be interested in teaching abroad. But if for a moment you put yourself on others' shoes; the shoes of those who took the TESOL Course who upon graduation are referred to the job bank. Would you not be disappointed when you see that almost all postings therein are for native speakers only? To think that those discriminatory postings are fully supported by Global TESOL Canada?

The issue I am raising is that Global TESOL Canada is morally and LEGALLY obligated to distance itself from these illegal recruitment practices UNDER CANADIAN LABOUR LAWS.
General » Discriminatory Job Postings
I believe a vast majority of job postings which specify "Native Speakers only" on this site is discriminatory. That's what many ESL/EFL Teachers (both native and non-native speakers)are voicing out against on several LinkedIn ESL teachers' forums. I don't know about US (and other countries') labour laws but since discriminatory hiring practices like these are illegal under Canadian labour laws, I think TESOL Canada is bound by the same labour laws so must distance themselves from such recruitment practices. It is irrelevant whether the jobs are in Canada or in Timbuktu, Mali.
General » Survival Guide for those who want to teach in China (or overseas)
Below, please find 'some' helpful tips if you want to work overseas. As I am in China, most contents are based on my Chinese experience.

1) Do not over-expect. Your employment will provide for your basic needs. Satisfaction and happiness is up to you.

2) Check you motivation for going abroad. It is desirable that there is a balance between self and the love of teaching. I have seen some who take teaching just to support their 'wandering' lifestyle and they were never happy or fulfilled. Only those who look at teaching as joy and fun will benefit the most. Those who wake up in the morning and think of the day's teaching activity as a chore will never be happy.

3) Most training centres (Aston, Disney, Cambridge, etc) have complete set of teaching materials. Don't let this make you too reliant and impede your creativity. These schools usually require you to teach all four skills; reading, listening, writing and speaking.

3) Most public schools require you to teach only Spoken English. The other skills are taught by local English teachers including verey good grammar instructions. These schools usually provide you with a textbook with which to relate your speaking lessons.

4) Some schools provide you with a local teaching partner, some don't. It is my personal preference to have no local partner.

5) Employment packages will always be larger and more attractive in major metropolitan area. However; standard of living could also be very high. Also mobility (traffic) may be more challenging. Be especially descriminating when choosing heavily industrialized cities. Air pollution may pose a health risk.

6) China has so many holidays and usually foreigners on contract are not paid. One particular holiday is Spring Festival / Chinese New Year. Most schools give their foreign teachers at least one month unpaid holiday. Some could go as much as two entire months.

7) Exercise professionalism when dealing with employers, school admin and co-teachers. You may need their references when you decide to change employers.

10) When you get an employment offer, do your homework. Get as much information about the city from the internet or from the hiring agency. Ask as many questions as you want. Look up the company on the internet...some of them are on a blacklist.

11) One of the most important book you must make sure you have is 'English is Stupid' by Judy Thompson.