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Hello everyone.

For anyone who is asking themselves this question like I was, " Should I take this course?" I would like to share my story with you.

I had been looking into taking this course for around 3 years. I knew it looked amazing, but I guess I just didn't have the push ( Or funds laying around to do so) Also, there wasn't an in-class course offered in my area. I'm from Chilliwack B.C. close to Vancouver. So I waited and waited and was stuck at small jobs that I was not happy at, for 3 years. Then one day I was browsing on this website again, and I saw a post saying " Jim's TESOL Toronto course was the best investment that I ever made" Written by a Lady named Shanda. So it caught my interest and I read the beautiful story she wrote, and I knew I wanted to take this course from this teacher, Jim.

So for me to go to Toronto, I had to save up some serious money. I went through a month of "Hell" doing delivery work in blizzards, 13 hours a day, 6 days a week, ect. It was just extremely awful. I was beginning to doubt that ANYTHING was worth what I had to go through to make the money.
So I did it, and arrived in Toronto. Long story short, I could not agree with Shanda more. The teacher was absolutely amazing, the course was amazing, and the people I met in the course were amazing. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I never saw before, it confronted old hurts buried inside me, and turned them into positive change. My look on the world and my potential will never be the same. I ended the course feeling simply invincible, and wishing the course did not end yet.

The teacher, Jim Pellegrini, was all and more than you could ask for in a teacher. I can confidentially say that he has the power to affect anyones life, in a positive way. I would have taken this course from him, even if it was only offered in Japan!
( I'm sure that the other teachers in the different locations are amazing to!)

This course for me was not only about teaching english, it was about a whole new outlook on life, with new options I never even dreamed of before. It brought me out of my shell, which is what needed to happen for positive change in my life. I really, could not have asked for anything more from this course. I feel like the world is my oyster, and it is an amazing feeling. I encourage you to take the step I did and to stop saying, " Should I or Shouldn't I?"
You will not regret it.

Kristi McMullan