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General » Employer Response to Job Applications
go on daves esl site and 'post your resume'
you should get responses right away from korea and china
middle east tends to want prior experience and sometimes only state licenced teachers
another site is they may be the same postings on different sites but there may be original ones also
General » Looking for a job in South Korea
Go ahead and apply to get a good spot in the queue.

I keep checking to see the numbers placed in the Aug/12 intake but they still have figures from Feb/12

Applications for Feb/13 have probably started now.

Your previous questions
1. it asked me to insert a photo into the word document application.
2. now you are only able to choose between urban/rural, not actual location. I was able to choose city but they changed that.
General » A Canadian Question?
i have a seperate post on this 'canadian income tax'

i declared myself non resident and still have bank accounts, credit cards, RSP, TFSA, drivers licence, etc

non residency with revenue canada has nothing to do with canadian citizenship and passport

when i was declared non resident all that happened is that i lost my health insurance coverage and my Rsps become frozen and I am no longer able to contribute in to it.

once i decide to come back to canada I will have to file to be declared resident again with revenue canada. then after a 90 day wait period my health insurance will start again and I can start contributing to rsps based on canadian earned income

when you retire you CPP might be lower for the years you are missing
General » Public vs. Private Schools
there are good and bad private schools

the best way rather than applying randomly off DavesEsl website is to join a facebook group for a city you want to live in

often teachers will post if they are leaving looking for a replacement or if there is another opening at their school, so that way you can talk directly to the foreigners working there to find out whats really going on there

'Every Expat in Korea' might be a starting point on facebook
where I live we have 'Daegu English Teachers' but every town and city has multiple groups where you can connect with the local foreigners
General » Public vs. Private Schools
a group of foreigners where I live work for Avalon

this is a chain across korea and seems very reliable with no pay problems. there are about 10 foreign teachers at my local branch so they have no problems settling in and making friends

another large chain I've heard of is Moonkang

similar to Avalon the folks here seem quite happy with a large social circle
General » Looking for a job in South Korea
the Epik public school program is

they will start accepting application in sept for feb/13 if you can wait that long

pay/vacation its better than private schools but its not as fullfilling as a teacher as you can have large classes upto 40 students that arent interested so discipline problems.

private usually has 12-20 students and more 1-1 but longer hours and less vacation. also check out the employer with the previous teacher as they may not pay you on time and hold back pay.

there are no money problems in the Epik public school program
General » Looking for a job in South Korea
go on daveseslcafe, they have a south korea jobs board page.

private school jobs are very easy to get but you should try to talk to the previous teacher as there are some unreliable schools thay may hold back pay

i'm with the Epik public school program, they have just recruited for aug/12 and soon accepting applications for the next batch in feb/13.

i just renewed for my 3rd yr with epik
General » What % of people actually make good $ to bring home to Canada or the US?
i could send upto $1500 a month home from my $2000 salary after local tax deductions as cost of living is low even in korea, but what will drain your cash is if you start travelling in asia and doing trips back home.

I spent $6000 during my aug/sept vacations for two trips to china and a trip back home. In winter break I went to japan and back home again so that all keeps draining cash

luckily i cashed in my airmiles to pay for two winter 2012 trips in asia so it balances out!!
General » Canadian Income Tax
i found my old post from a year ago

there was a lot of wrong information being passed around when i was looking into it but if you look at my post above it hopefully explains it a bit clearer

i was declared non resident as of the date i left canada in aug/10 so i did not have to file a tax return upto dec 31. as a result i had overpaid taxes up till august as i was being taxed on an annual rate so i ended up with a big tax refund

now when i visit i have no Ohip Health Insurance so I just buy a two weeks visitors insurance policy before i come
General » Teaching ESL - Career? Travel? Unsure? - A poll, just for fun!
same as you, i had a professional career, good salary, professional designations, owned my own place. but got tired of the workloads, lack of recognition, politics, needed a change and something more meaningful in my life.

i love to travel and experience new cultures so i am seeing this as a one year paid vacation. been teaching in korea for two weeks now and love being able to immerse yourself in the culture and meet the locals which i couldnt do in my regular vacations which were just rushed sightseeing.

i would say i'm B trying to become A with this as my new lifestyle/career changing contracts from country to country
i really enjoy teaching and love kids, was doing a lot of corporate training before so its been an easy switch so far. i do not want to go back to my old profession if it can be helped! :)