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hello Anthony, perhaps you can help with a couple of questions. 1. I am waiting for my 2 documents from a university in China so that I can get my work visa, they keep saying they are waiting for the government to get the documents - my worry is they are waiting to see if they have no-shows and then will decide if they will send me the doc's - is this wait normal?

2. Once I get a work "Z" visa, it only good for the school that gave me the documents or is it (the Z visa) good anywhere with any school in china?

General » Re-new passport in China
Hello, my current passport will suffice for my one year contract. I plan to stay in China for several years. Can Canadians re-new their passport in China, thier webiste does not seem to have the answer. Has anyone done this?
General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hi Linda, you seem to have a great sense of humor, what a plus.
? what about power adaptors (220v to 120v), is it necessary to have one?

sounds like you are enjoying

General » EU Passport
Hi Ben, there were some previous posts on the forum about getting hired without a degree, go back and check, it is possible.

Zoie was being very diplomatic, drop the picture on your ID.
General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hi Linda - congrat's - exciting!!! I am looking at positons in China other than Beijing but have no idea if the $$ are fair relative to the cost of living - would you share the salary range expectations in Beijing? .... is it reasonable given your cost of living?

PS - if anyone in western Canada is thinking about this as a career opportunity - have them contact Heidy at Global College in Edmonton, she will get it all done!!!!! Excellent!
General » Over 55 and still teaching abroad?
Does not bode well for me as I am approaching that age.
? when you refer to 5% placement, is that of all looking for a job or much worse 5 out of 100 people of 55+
? why are commission lower for placing older teachers - how do commissions work - could you subsidize it to have them focus on finding you a job
I agree, particularly with method and technique. Here's my view - if you check websters dic - approach = a particular manner of taking steps, method = a sytematic plan followed for presenting material for instruction, technique = a method of accomplishing desired plan or aim. So, an approach could be for example - the Natural theory, or Whole Language approach or Cummunicative approach to teaching. Then a method could be as shown in a lesson plan where you do a pre-task, teach, then task related to the teaching. The technique would be - introduce vocabulary, repeat the vocabulary, then have tasks (act as waiter/customer) related - in context - to the vocualary......

just how I relate to the 3 words