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General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
that is fabulous Justine! I am so happy that opportunity worked out for you. It is almost 3am and I just got off the phone with a recruiter from the EPIK program, so I will keep everyone posted, we will not be too far away from each other I am sure! Congrats again bella, the school that gets you on board has struck gold.

General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
Thanks for taking the time to look into the company for me Heidy. They wrote me early this morning (time zones!) and are setting up my phone interview for this week!

There are 2 public schools in Gyeong-gi that would like to hire me, so things are working out well. I will make sure to continue this post to update my status and help out anyone that might be interested follow along the same lines.

I feel much more confident about my choice knowing that I have had you and global tesol check the company out.

Kindest Regards to all and of course to you Heidy!


shanda simpson
General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
Testimony Kim is Also known as English World if that name rings a bell for anyone. :)
General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with, or heard about a recruiting company called Testimony Kim. I have been contacted by them for a position in Ulsan, South Korea for a position with a middle school. They go by the names of Daniel Lee and Soo Kim and I have been in correspondence with both reps for the last week. They have asked me to send my documents so that they can go forward with getting my visa issued.

Do they need my documents prior to actually getting the contract made with the school? Wouldn't I need to accept the contract first before actually sending my documents?

--------------------This is what they wrote---------------------------

So, can you mail us all your docs ASAP? so that we can make a contract with the school soon.
The visa will be issued in a week after we apply your E2 visa to immigration.
After visa is issued you need to have an interview with the Korean consulate in Canada to get visa stamp.
We will pay for your flight ticket upfront and we will get reimbursemnet from the school.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance to those of you that resond,

shanda simpson
General » The Best Investment I have EVER made: Jim's Toronto TESOL Class
Thanks guys for your kind words of support. Jim is not only an amazing teacher, but a wonderful person, I just keep running into people that have happily and gratefully been a witness to his positive energy and warm heart. I wish you all the best in your adventures to come.


General » The Best Investment I have EVER made: Jim's Toronto TESOL Class
If you are trying to decide about taking the Toronto TESOL class, take a few moments to read about my experience. I am convinced that it was the best investment I have ever made. It is not just about getting certified, it’s about a life changing experience!

My Story…

In the past I had thought that everyone seemed preoccupied with ‘when they could speak next’, or ‘what they could grab hold of’, it sometimes felt as if I was looking for a message that nobody cared to recognize or return because they were so busy trying to get ‘more’. What I could not figure out was what this 'more' was, because whatever it was, it seemed to be making the general population quite miserable and disconnected from each other. Of course many of us find ourselves deflated, having been told to chase the 'more' yet never provided with a concrete definition or even directions.

In the spirit of unselfishness, I feel I must take a few moments to share my journey with you, because all of the amazing stories shared during our TESOL class have touched me in unimaginable ways, I must share my journey incase it was meant to mean something for someone else out there. That's why human interconnectedness is so remarkable, because it is completely unpredictable. Who could predict that you would be here on this website, reading this letter looking for a glimpse of something more, some sign telling you to ‘just do it’. Well consider this the sign.

After I graduated university (30 thousand dollars later) I landed a good job, but I kept finding myself still wanting to escape. There had to be more than this to life. It was a truth I would have bet my life on when I was younger, but a dream I became unsure about as I grew older. It makes me question, at what point did I allow the finite truths I felt inside myself, to be dismissed as adolescent dreams? I guess I feel lucky because my fire has been reignited. It really was just about me opening up again, and trusting the world and some of the beautiful people in it to help me remember, the people in my Global TESOL class and our mentor, Jim Pellegrini.

My experiences during the TESOL certification were an emotional process for me, I felt extremely vulnerable at times. Sometimes people said things in our class that brought tears to my eyes and made my throat close up. It is not always that I directly identified with their stories or words, but usually that I was deeply touched by their unapologetic humanity, it was beautiful. This dialectic amongst us all, so unexpected, so safe. There they are, the tears I have been holding back. It’s good to cry because of happiness. Jim has an absolute gift for creating a safe environment for his students, you cannot help but learn and share, in fact you are overly excited to do so.

In class we spoke about the dangers of fear and what can happen when you allow it to create a barrier between you and your potential. I did not actually think I was experiencing this danger until I did some reflecting during our class. I realized my relations with other people had smothered me and t just took a lot to do something about it. It felt like I was no longer living my life for me. Obligations, guilt, and worry; they were all such a waste of my potential. In the end, we all have to do right for ourselves. Taking this course was my official step towards making a positive change that was just for me. I had to invest in my own spiritual health and growth so that I could reconnect with the universe, find my place, and share what has always been inside of me, just forgotten for a while.

It is hard to explain in words how valuable this class was for me. Miracles were happening all around us and still to happen. People were being inspired, growing and reaching out in ways they may have never done before. Everything about it radiates this 'special' force, and you can feel it when you step foot into Jim’s classroom. Jim always told us that everything we accomplish was because of us; it was already inside us, just waiting to be revealed. In my opinion, it takes a remarkable teacher to be able to show others the way to tap into it. Thank you to Jim and to my life long mates from the TESOL 101 Toronto class 2010!


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