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General » Any connections to Hong Kong teaching Jobs?
Also, I am sure you are regularly checking out the job postings on our site, as we add 20 to 40 per day!
General » Any connections to Hong Kong teaching Jobs?
Hi Jena,

I just got a phone call from one of our grads whose school is looking for a couple. It's not in Hong Kong, but maybe you are still interested??? I've posted his contact info in a seperate forum "South of Beijing COUPLES".

Check it out! I hope that helps :)
General » South of Beijing for COUPLES!!!
Today at head office, we received a call from Cody in China (a graduate from our school 3 years ago). He informed us that Global TESOL College graduates are in high demand in his area. His school is looking for an ESL teaching couple (or two friends who are willing to share accomodations) in Hang Zhou, South of Beijing. You would receive $6600 RMB per month with a rent allowance of $1000 RMB per month. Half of health care is also provided. Cody seems to be very happy with his arrangement there, so iff this is a job you are interested in, forward your applications to:

Best of Luck! Happy Travels!
General » Will be in Beijing From June 10th 2010
Congratulations Linda!
General » Teaching Kids - My Youtube Videos!
Thank you Anthony!
General » Northern China.
Hey Stephen;

I'm in Canada and the weather in winter here can be even more cold with wind chill! Where are you from?

Helpful hints:
-down filled jackets are both warm and easily squishy to pack into your luggage
-check out a mountain Equipment Co-op store ( you will find lots of great gear specifically for cold temperatures.
-warm socks are a must. Pure wool can be itchy though, so try a wool blend
-if the wind is strong, you can get wind burn just like sun burn and it is equally as painful, so make sure you cover your entire face when walking. If you just wear sunglasses, you will have sun-glass outline and look like a raccoon!
-layering clothing is key. Undershirts (Helly Hansen has good ones) and long johns help for sure.
-keep warm from the inside out: Eat spicy food and drink HOT teas, coffee, cocoa, etc.
-stay dry
-prevention! Don't get sick - chew on ginger, take vitamins, eat well, etc. Being sick when it's cold outside just seems to make your illness worse, so just don't let it happen.
-it's the external parts of your body that get cold first: your fingers, toes, ears and nose. Keep those warm! Wear a toque, socks, and gloves for sure! Keep your head warm first.

That's my advice! Winter can be Awesome! There are lots of things to do, and the weather never stops us from having a blast outside. Hope it helps! Good luck!
General » Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia

You are very helpful! Thank you! It is truly appreciated to have your experience and I am grateful for your input!

General » Searching for a job starting May1,2010
Dave's ESL Cafe!
And this website, under job postings