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General » EU Passport

This is pretty standard and normal practice. Many grads have gone through a similar process. Take each phone call as a practice for what the next employer will ask. Your next step is to find a recruiter that will know the right schools to apply to who have hired Global TESOL College's teacher's before without a diploma. I also wanted to make a personal comment, that your profile picture seems like an interesting choice for a future teacher! I'm sure you are not showing your future employers "that side of you" right!!! Just Joking ;)

You'll be fine, just stay persistent. The fruit gets sweeter with a little patience!
General » Also looking for a Job in China, I do have a High School diploma as well as teaching experience
Hi Ben!

Have you given Global TESOL College your CV or contacted them directly so they can properly assist and advise you? Have you considered hiring a recruiter to aide with your search and translate on your behalf? Have you asked anybody through the grad forums about schools that accepted them without a degree? Are you able to upgrade to get a degree?

All things to think about! Best of Luck!
General » Looking for a job in china but dont have a degree or high school but got my TESOL
Global TESOL College policy states you MUST have a minimum high school diploma in order to be offered the job guarantee. I would suggest checking out sites like Service Canada ( to acquire information on how to upgrade your high school or obtain a high school equivalency (GED).

My friend did this:
1-Go to local community college and ask for GED information
2-Investigate GED preparation-
3-Purchase any necessary study manuals recommended from College
4-Take EVERY practice exam possible. Score your exams. If you receive a score of 80% or less, go back and figure out where you are going wrong. Re-study until you are able to take every practice exam at a score of 80% or higher
5-My friend said that the practice exams are VERY similar to the actual questions on the test
6-Follow any instructions the college gives you in order to take test
7-Remember, even if you have a graduation level in SOME subjects (ex - Grade 12 math completed and passed) You STILL HAVE TO COMPLETE ENTIRE FULL EXAM WITH ALL SUBJECTS!!!!
8-Take the GED test! (there is a fee) but once you receive your passing grade, you will be so proud of your accomplishment and will never have the looming "No high-school diploma" to hold you back EVER AGAIN!

I hope this helps! Remember, even if you feel discouraged, Education is ALWAYS beneficial. Be brave and challenge yourself to be better and do better. Use our grad forums if you get stuck, we have lots of educated student who are very helpful in several subjects. I'm sure we are a VERY SUPPORTIVE community!

Best of luck!
General » How to negotiate a contract

Negotiations may seem scary for a culture that is not used to bartering, but it's important to stay confident that you have rights to determine what is acceptable for you and what is not. Remember that negotiation itself implies two members will come together to find a mutually acceptable solution to a dispute through discussion. This means nothing is set in stone until both sides agree. DO NOT sign a contract you will not be able to adhere to or believe will cause future issues for you if aided by.

When looking at a contract, think about your bottom line. Examples:
-bottom line I will not work more than 10 hours per day
-bottom line I need XXXXX amount of money to survive the quality of life I expect
-bottom line, I will not go unless my employer pays for at least half my flight
-bottom line, I need this style of accommodation even if I have to pay for it myself

When you are clear about your bottom line, you will be able to use that as a means to negotiate. Example:
-your employer is offering you a great paying position, but are not willing to pay for a flight. Your bottom line is one way flight. You approach them saying you will invest an extra hour per day to tutoring (or offer to pay 10% your accommodation, or something that will benefit your employer that you can offer) if they pay your ENTIRE flight. They might say yes! Better than you bargained for! They may come back and say no way. You approach again, always willing and positive that you would accept half a flight. They may then accept, or again say no. But if your bottom line is half a flight and they say no, find another opportunity that matches your bottom line.

To repeat, you have rights and should only sign contracts if you can abide by them. I also want to point out that it is important if you negotiate on your behalf to always OFFER before asking. If you seem stubborn or demanding, they could decide you would be too difficult to employ and seek to recruit someone else. Act professionally with kindness and belief that your bottom line is worthy of protecting!

I hope this helps!
General » Reminder of regulatory and professional designations and credentials Global TESOL College holds.
Again, please be advised of our credentials!
General » Teaching with EPIK...

Global TESOL College wants to acknowledge how proud we are of your journey. Looks like your hard work is paying off! Congratulations! WELCOME TO THE WORLD!
Great advice Zondra! Everything when creativity is invested can become an opportunity for learning. Your students were right, you are cool!
General » Anyone debating on taking this course?
A message from Global TESOL College Staff:

WOW! Thank you so much everybody for the positive feedback. The staff at head office want to wish you all a huge CONGRATULATIONS for pursuing your passion and making it happen. We love to hear all your stories and feel grateful to have supplied the world with some of the most beautiful interesting and truly caring teachers. Your work and dedication in teaching helps everyone in the world because education pushes us forward and unites our global community.

With Appreciation to the students and graduates of GTC,
Best of Luck in all your Endeavors!
Thank you Susan for all the insights you've added to the forum. Very helpful!

You are indeed correct. For anybody who is wondering the same questions as Heidy and Robert, please be advised that Global TESOL College agrees with Robert's response. The words are used interchangeably, with only slight variation.