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General » Re-new passport in China

This is a list of places you might be ablt to email your question to for help :)
General » Canadian Income Tax
Thanks SO Much Asif! Very helpful!
General » Finding an efl job in mexico city
At head office we have very few contacts for Mexico, so if you find anything promising there, please let us know or continue to post on the forums! Maybe you will find a great connection in need of our ESL teachers!

General » I would like to teach in South Korea!
Ha Ha!! Yup! Sorry about that! Kim, please read the message I addressed to Asif!

Asif, how's your placement going?
General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim

Have you found placement? Keep us updated! We'd love to hear from you!
General » EU Passport

You've become an angel!!! Nice profile picture! Keep in touch. Hope things are going great!
General » I would like to teach in South Korea!
Hi Asif;

Have you contacted Amber at head office? She may be able to help with job placement. Try her at:

Also, make sure to filter through the websites job postings (we've been averaging 30 posts per day!!!!) There has to be at least one job in Korea waiting for you!

Best of luck!
General » How do I teach in Spain without EU Passport or experience???
General » Indonesia

I will make a call out to my contacts to add more Indonesian Jobs to the Global TESOL site. Keep your eyes on the job posting board. Best of Luck!
General » Looking for non native speakers teaching abroad !!

Thank you from Global TESOL College for your assistance with graduates. Your enthusiasm to offer help is very appreciated by all of us at Head Office. If you ever need a great reference letter, we are here for you!