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General » Finding an efl job in mexico city
Are you sure you want to risk your life in Mexico? What is their avg pay anyways? Are you applying to public or private schools?
General » I would like to teach in South Korea!
haha i just noticed that
General » I would like to teach in South Korea!
Then go apply with EPIK?
General » Teaching with EPIK...
I just heard from my recruiter that I was approved for a POE in Daegu =D

What about you Asif??
General » Also looking for a Job in China, I do have a High School diploma as well as teaching experience
the government of the respected nation requires one to have a University degree in order for them to issue you a working permit (Visa).
General » Looking for non native speakers teaching abroad !!
Try South Korea, they don't discriminate

as long as you are fluent in English and have the necessary paper work to apply for a working Visa (i.e. Uni degree, clean criminal record) then you are fine.
General » Looking for a job in china but dont have a degree or high school but got my TESOL
hmmm...not even a HS diploma? Unless you have an outstanding grasp of the English language and a couple yrs of teaching experience, your chances of landing a teaching job is slim to nil. I'm sorry to say this but you are better off working minimum wage at Macd. Even if you do land a teaching job, its probably in the most northern and bleak areas of China (like up in the mountains or something). Anyways, good luck.
General » Searching for a job starting May1,2010
did you try applying through EPIK??
General » Teaching with EPIK...
I live in Richmond Hill

I put Busan as my first choice but I will probably be located some other city, hopefully, as i know Busan is highy competitive.
General » Teaching with EPIK...
yup..good to hear that you got accepted too

i guess the interview depends on your background and how you answer the questions. They will often ask questions relating to your answers, which happened to me.