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General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Greetings all :)

Time 4 an update no? ;)

So here it is!

When landing Usualy you must obtain a residential permit with in 24 hrs BUT ur Agent may advise you to wait till you renew ur Visa so its done all at the same time. So if you are asked 2 1/2 months down the line WHY you did not obtain the residential permit you are to play Blonde and say you did not know :( and look sad and say its all in Chinese and you do not speak the language. Trust me it works!

Now to the matter of the Visa: You will come in with a Visa for 3 months then you and your agent will go to extend your Visa, the usual is 6 months and its 1360 Yuan and will take 15 working days to get ur passport back, please bring with you a passport size photo to give them, there are 3 formes to fill in and sign. When the 6 months are close to end you will need to leave china just go to Hong Kong for a day or 2 and enjoy then come back in and renew ur Visa for 6 more months, you wil need to take 2-3 days off work to do this so your agent wil help with that.

Your agent will cover all the Visa renewal fee's you do not pay a thing!

Now most important, you are NOT to say if the Police ask you why you are here that you are a Teacher you could end up in Jail! please trust me.

I was given this advise by the agent who did my Visa renewal today! You are to say you are here for Cultural exchange or your in town to learn about how things are run as in being your own boss because you want to open your own chain of stores NEVER say you are a teacher!
Please know where you leave as in your full address if you do ot know it save it in Chinese + English on your cell phone! and say you do not speak Chinese and do not know how to say it.

BE WARNED! They may come to bang on ur door at 12am or 5am to make sure you are where you said you would be as in live at the correct address or they might call you again be ignorant and only speak English! If they tell you come with me do not follow tell them you come with me! Do not use bad language you will be beaten first then you will get a nice bed for 24hrs in Jail! Please be carfull!!!!!!

This is not a joke guys & gals it is real in Beijing and in any other city in China so please please Watch your self

So please take care and be safe.

Most important do not forget to have fun :)

General » Internet access in China
LOL I'm in Beijing where StarBucks is at every corner and they have free internet! (ice Coffee sux! lol )

I'm here 2 months and my laptop is on 247! so YES internet is very much accesable in CHINA! lol

Only if ur up a Tree of floating down a river or a 2 man town there will be no internet lol
General » Also looking for a Job in China, I do have a High School diploma as well as teaching experience
Hi All,

I have my TESOL as of Jan 31 2010, I DO NOT have a BA and I'm in Beijing China teaching 2 months now 2 contracts back to back & I'll be back in Toronto Canada Aug 2011. It can be done! Do not give up!

General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Greetings dear Friends,

So almost 2 months here and Guess what I did this week?
Give up? lol Got a bad Cold yap a Cold in July!!!! OMG!!! and its been so hot and hazy Errrr

Here is what you need to know about China and being sick like a dog:

1) You will get sick!

2)You will get sick at least 2 times a year.

3)Bring meds with you, what ever works for you at home bring it so Advil, Niquil or what ever saves you when having a bad cold.

4)No such thing as a 'free'clinic here or a Doctors office. Its only hospitals for travelers such as we are and you must pay cash just to be seen lol.........I did not go to the hospital and pay only to be told what I know YOU HAVE A COLD lol
So I paid 22Yuan at a pharmacy for a horribly black liquid that made me gag but hey got my voice back in 24hrs! its named: CHUANBEI XUELIGAO its for a flemless bad cough and voice loss. Trust Dr. Linda hehe

See you all with the next exciting update.


General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hi Robert,

LOL I must lough if not I will cry lol Just kidding hehe

Yes bring them, I got 2 with me from the Sorce Got them at the Eaton Centre b4 I left you only need 2 if ur like me, one for my laptop and one for my toothbrush & cell they do not fight over it lol

Oh and also my Cell is a Fido cell I had it UN-LOCKED its a Quad Band so if ur cell is a Quad band just unlock it and bring ot with you, my cell works well, I put $200 Yuan almost 2 months ago and still do not need to reload and I'm a texter lol

I am having fun as much as the energy after a week of work leaves me lol if I have any energy left that is lol this weekend I'm on crush mode next 2 days I'm off so its catch up on Zzzzzzzzzz time lol

Any other Q? Just ask


General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hey there dear Friends,

Just a note, if ur coming here please know that when you need electricity there is no hydro like in Canada lol you get a card you must charge with money 25 Yuan will last you 48 hrs so dont be in shock when it all goes dark hehe just put enough money to last the month so say about $30-$40 CAN worth.

Bring with you about $500 CAN for ur first month till you get paid, I managed to live on $350CAN so 2500 Yuan for a month and a half not including rent, my agency took care of that, make sure they cover that! The Visa gets extended 15 days b4 expiration and they must do your resident papers at the same time. My Visa will be extended on Aug 20th 2010 it will expire Sep 8th 2010, make sure you ask all the questions before you come and again when you are here!

Keep in mind your work hr's might change from time to time lol its a chinese thing lol

Ok, I'm off now.

Take care all and contact me if you need help :), just put ESL in the subject line so I know to respond asap!


Linda China Girl in Beijing CBD
General » Looking for a job in china but dont have a degree or high school but got my TESOL
I must agree you need a min of High School ur TESOL will open the door but not without a High School diploma. Get that ASAP!

If u come here as in China where I am with my TESOL + High School you will get a job 4 sure.

Good luck.
General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hey in Beijing all ya gota do is just get on the street there are cabs 247 everywhere!!!! lol on the road, on the side walks and parked on both sides of every street. Put it this way its very hard not to find a cab in Beijing :)
General » EU Passport
Hi Benjamin :)

As far as I know to work any place in Europe you need a EU passport unless the school tells you in writing that they will help you with the VISA as in send you an Invitation letter.

If your parents are European born you can get your EU passport because this is dual citezenship for you :) you get the EU passport in the country you where born in with the supporting doc's of your parent/s ie: Birth Certificate and EU Passport + the same doc's for you.

Hope this helps :)

General » Torontonian in Beijing :)
Hi Robert,

Thank you very kindly :)

Well, I'd say that the cost of living is very low here in Beijing.
I am moving soon to a very costly area I was told, I will have 2 room mates and we will each pay around 2500 Yuan a month so in CAN its $400 give or take, food you can cover for the week with 100 to 150 Yuan so $20-$25 CAN aprox

Salary is 4000 Yuan to 9000 Yuan a month all depends on your contract and company you go through. So all in all its cheap to live here if you know how to watch your money ;)

Also a bus/metropass/subway is cheap, for 1 month 100 Yuan thats about $10 to $16 CAN un like the Toronto Metropass $121 a month and you cant use it next month, here you just put more funds on the card and go on with your day the same thing with Cell phones, get a cell that is UN-LOCKED or if your cell can be UN-LOCKED do it, I have my Fido phone with me, you buy a Sim card for 50 or 100 Yuan then you just RE-LOAD more funds on it for 20, 50 or 100 Yuan, my cell has 100 Yuan on it and since I do not use it much it will last me up to 2 months :)
To put more funds on ur cell you just buy a RE-LOAD paper card with a code that you enter on ur phone and Ta Da! you are good to go! :)

Please be ready for smog but its not as bad as you think :)
Bring an umbrela the small kind you can keep in ur bag or pocket ;) If ur like me bring a fork and plastic plates, please know that no home has an OVEN! :( so sad I cant make Pizza :((

Any more questions please just ask :)

All the best with the hunt for the best job :)

Oh and get ready for the most crazy traffic lol