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General » Also looking for a Job in China, I do have a High School diploma as well as teaching experience
Hey guys I was in the Global TESOL course last December and have been looking for a job overseas, I also was assured by Jim that I would be guaranteed a job in China. After searching for many months, in which I have had the opportunity to speak with employers over the phone, I have come up empty. The employers I spoke with were enthusiastic about hiring me until they asked about what University I attended, after I tell them I haven't went to University they inform me that it would be impossible for them to higher me as the requirements for teaching in China do require a degree.
I'm wondering if I'm just doing something wrong, or that maybe Global TESOL should change their guarantee to Job guaranteed for University grads.
Hopefully someone out there can help me.
General » EU Passport
Hey Linda!
thanks a lot for the info, now I was also wondering about if there are teaching jobs in existence that do not require a BA. I have been searching online as well as applying (to countries that do not require one.) I get as far as the telephone interview with employers. They seem eager to hire me ....untill of course they ask if I went to University. Now I do have teaching experience (as an educational assistant for an elementary school) but this isen't enough for them. If anyone out there knows of any schools that don't require a University degree to hire it would help me out a great deal.

General » EU Passport
Hey I was just wondering if any of you wonderful people out there new how to go about working in Poland. Do I just need a Work visa or could I get by with having a Eu passport.