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General » I can't access my study materials online
Hi Beth,

Can you contact me at or call our office 1-888-270-2941 so we can get your information and understand where the problem is? Thanks Beth, we'll have it sorted ASAP.

General » Specialization courses
Hi Jim,

The specializations are $200 per course. You can call in and we can add that to your existing file when you're ready.

General » Tarragona, Spain Job
Hi Barbara!

I actually just inquired about this fee with one of the men on the email list, I'll write his reply below. I also felt it very strange that they would want a teacher to send money via Western Union.

Dear Heidy,

Thanks for expressing your concernes regarding your students applying for a teaching position in our great and reputable school. This is greatly appreciated though. It is true one has to be careful when searching or seeking job online these days. Especially when the issue of sending money is involved. How ever, I would like you to understand that, Escola turo in Tarragona is a long existing school. The school has been inspected by NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and approved by The Spanish Council to operate a school, that follows The British National Curriculum exactly, to ensure a seamless transition for a child to or from any other Spanish School, whether it is in Spain or overseas. So, they knows the best way to handle any situation. The fee that teacher are asked to pay is only to take part in the starting training and orientation before resuming duty fully. And this is only applied to the new employed teacher and first time in Spain. The training and orientation is going to be handle by an external organization that is why its attract a fee. You should be aware that, It is not a must to comply with this terms. Only if you feel the need to take part in the program that is when you need to pay this fee. But is very important for every new teacher to be a part of the program because it will really help them with the new relocation and development. I believe you understand better now? We are not a school that rip people off their money for any reasons. But your effort and assistant for your students is greatly understand. Thank you!

Joseph Hernadez
Corresponding Officer.

(mind the spelling errors, I just copy and pasted)

He does state here, that the training is optional. If many grads have been contacted by this school, then for sure it might be a scam...arggggggg

Did anyone else hear from them?

General » To all Graduates!!

I would love a copy of his work! Susan Black has been posting sections/articles from her work, you are free to do so as well on our forum. I love that it can inspires others to go overseas, and that each experience has a gem of knowledge attached to it.

Thanks Laurie and Gordeon as well as Susan Black!! :)

General » Teachers in Taiwan
Hi Everyone!

Heidy here again. I'm currently looking for teachers in Taiwan that would be interested in communicating with a graduate interested in what's happening over there in regards to hiring, etc. I lived and worked there but am not there right now.

Feel free to email me directly so I can put you in touch with him, or continue to keep posting to this topic (I locked it on purpose).

Thank you. Again,

General » Teacher Mex Connect...Good? Bad?
Thanks Mallorie for sharing your experience. It is good to express caution at 'too good to be true' offers.

Does anyone have a good experience?
General » Teacher Mex Connect...Good? Bad?

Let me know if you hear back from them and how that unfolds. I'm very curious myself. I have contacted them before and was told they would help our students, but haven't heard of a good experience from any of our students to date. Keep in touch about this!

General » Problems logging into a spcialty course?
Hi Heather,

You can email and tell me your full name. I can go into detail with you about your account at that time.

To whomever else reads this posting, same goes for all of you. You can always call the office at 1-888-270-2941 and someone can assist you as well.

General » To all Graduates!!
Hi everyone!

I am trying to compile some pictures, and information of what it is like to teach in various countries around the world. I am most familiar with Taiwan as I lived there for over 4 years, but would like some great pictures or even stories from other parts of the world. We'd like to incorporate them into our course to give people an idea of what life can be like as a teacher, and maybe even the website. If you have anything in this regards, or would like more info, please send me an email!


Thanks everyone! I hope this finds you well.
General » Looking for jobs in Argentina
I've had lots of questions about South America and how to find jobs. Most people will say to show up in the country. I found this information on:
Great job info for lots of countries!!

Tricks to Getting the Job You Want

Whether you are looking in Buenos Aires or are venturing out into other areas of Argentina, there are a few tricks to the trade when looking for work. Use the following pointers to help you find the job you deserve:

* Research and contact as many education institutions as you can through the Internet first. Look for language school directories, online sources for new schools opening up and online newspapers for advertisements. Check with Craigslist, as well, for job positions.
* Have a well-scripted, up-to-date resume to send to possible candidates. It is usually favorable to send a decent photo with the CV.
* Pick up the phone and call the school to introduce yourself. This forward approach helps the school see that you are serious and shows that you respect their time.
* If turned down initially, keep a record of when the administration was approached and follow up by email or phone call a few weeks later.
* Try to be in Argentina when applying for jobs--it often helps immensely in nailing the job down.
* Remember to protect yourself when applying for employment; ask about the salary, days your presence is required, whether you are expected to work in various locations, if transportation included, what type of visas are required, if any, etc.

Teaching English in Argentina can be an awarding experience, even if it does not pay a lot. For Burgess, teaching not only brought great memories but love as well, “I met my boyfriend teaching. He was one of my very first students. We are now planning on marrying.” So you never know; the job that you took to learn another culture and extend your time abroad may change your life forever.