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General » SCAM ALERT!!!!!
Thanks P.I. Linda!

I had a lady call today saying she was contacted on Serious Teachers and tried to find information and was led to our forum. Your hard work is helping strangers! I just emailed a complaint to Serious Teachers asking if they could track these individuals, and I gave them the names!

General » To all Graduates!!
Hi Lynn,

HESS is very well organized. They are very structured and train their teachers well. You can have any of your questions answered by them. There were lots of similar type schools in Taiwan, but HESS recruits from overseas.

The bigger recruiting companies will require more from their employers, but have experienced all the hiccups along the way. I have more experience with seeing HESS as I lived in Taiwan. Anyone have anything from South Korea, or even JET from Japan?
General » Practical Experience
Hi Graeme!

I would contact any city program that helps with immigrants coming into the city. They would love to have a volunteer. Do a google search and make some phone calls. I think you'll be surprised at how much they'd appreciate your help. Sometimes those opportunities lead to more doors opening.

Good luck!
General » To all Graduates!!
Hi Laurie, Gordon and Susan, can I put you in touch with a graduate of ours? Please email me at

General » Payment???
I do believe that Janine did get paid in the end. Great suggestion Susan!
General » TESOL positions in Israel
Hi Linda,

Shoot me an email, :)

General » requirement...Associates Degree??????
For the moment, this isn't going to clarify your question. However, welcome to Taiwan. ;) There isn't a difference from my experience between diploma and degree. It really depends on who is in the government office. If you check through this below, I found it on

You will find how to go about getting a work visa in Taiwan. They want some kind of legit piece of paper that will get you the visa. Due to your background, does that work? Degree or Diploma should suffice in its wording on the document in order to that your ARC. Does anyone have any direct experience with using an Associates degree/diploma (again I don't think its a technical definition they are looking for)?

The visa process for Taiwan can be quite complicated due to the nature of the political environment in Taiwan. Visas are obtained through Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in your country, not through embassies or consulates. (For listings, check the Embassies in (your country) There are many loopholes, but recommends obtaining a Legal Working Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

What you need:

To legally teach in Taiwan, you will need to obtain a Work Permit and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

How to get it:

Most teachers arrive in Taiwan and then subsequently begin the Visa process. It is possible to obtain the proper visa, work permit and ARC before you arrive, but most teachers and schools prefer to complete the process once the teacher is in Taiwan.

A quick reference of steps.

Step 1:
Find an employer or setup interviews upon your arrival. This can be done by posting your resume on and browsing the jobs section and applying by email or phone.

Step 2:
In your home country, find the nearest Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and apply for a Visitor Visa (60 day multiple or single entry is fine). The process takes from 1-3 days.

Document checklist:
(a) Completed Visa application form
(b) Passport with 6 months validity
(c) Proof of flight in and out of Taiwan
(d) Four passport size photos
(e) Bank statement
(f) Processing fee (cash only)

Step 3:
Enter Taiwan and find a teaching position. Once you have completed contract negotiations you can begin the visa process.

Things to bring:
(a) Degree or 2 year college diploma
(b) TESOL/TEFL certificates
(c) Resume and cover letters

Step 4:
Apply for a work permit. This will probably be taken care of by your employer. You may be asked to fill out forms, submit documents such as degrees, certificates, resumes, 5-10 passport size photos or to visit government offices with your passport.

Step 5:
Apply for an Alien Resident Certificate. After receiving your employment approval letter, your work permit, which will be issued by the government authority for employment in the ROC, you need to apply for your Resident Visa at a Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) branch. You will then be permitted to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC.) If you have been issued a Resident Visa, you must apply for an ARC at the nearest city or county police headquarters. Your employer should also assist you in doing this.

Documents Required:
(a) Application form (Form V-I)
(b) Employment Approval letter issued by the government authority for your employment in the ROC
(c) Your original passport and a photocopy of it. Your passport will contain your resident Visa and will be returned after verification.
(d) Marriage certificate, if applicable (Must be authorized by by a notary public and legalized by the ROC Consulate or functional equivalent)
(e) Two recent passport size photos (2” photographs color or b&w)
(f) Birth certificates of expatriate's children, if applicable (must show the name of the parents and be notarized and legalized)
(g) All ARC applicants must have a health-check/AIDS. (You must have the health check at a govenment approved hospital.)

Note: The visa processing time could take from 1-2 months. Your Visitor Visa is valid for 1-2 months. As long as you can prove the working visa is processing, you can extend your tourist visa at the local police headquarters until the process is complete. However, in some cases, teachers may have to leave Taiwan to extend their visas. Most teachers in these circumstances, go to Hong Kong or Thailand and return with a new Visitor Visa. Usually, if this is necessary, the school will assist in paying for the costs of the trip. The ARC is valid for 12 months and may be renewed for up to 3 years.

IMPORTANT: This is a guideline ONLY. It is very important to coordinate the visa process with your employer and the Taiwanese Economic Trade Office in your country.
General » Working in Thailand
While we are on the topic of Thailand, is there any graduates currently teaching in Thailand? Aimee would love to hear from people that are in the country and your experience.

Feel free to fire me an email at so that I can put you in touch with Aimee.

General » Tarragona, Spain Job
For all those that have been involved with this school, if you ahve not received this email from the school, it is below:

"This is a fraud in internet, we are a primary and secondary school in Tarragona , as you can see in our web page.

I’m very sorry for all, but I’m happy to see you’re a prudent and intelligent person, asking me if it was legal.

I feel sorry for people who may be caught in the trap.

I have received some other applications.

We had informed the authorities to see if they can do anything.

As you are also injured, I recommend you go to the authorities in your country.


Xavier Gilabert


Sorry about this posting. When applying for jobs on our site, still use discretion. I will be doing my best to help screen them, but it is impossible to screen all jobs. This job posting has been removed.

General » Working in Thailand

If you are working for a friend and you are paid in cash, you can stay on a tourist visa (providing you feel and they feel comfortable with that arrangement). If the school needs that paper work to be processed they will try and get you to get a work visa. It really is a matter of your personal preference and how comfortable you feel. If anyone has any personal experience with Thailand, feel free to chime in. :)