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General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
I emailed the company and this was the response I got quite quickly. The GEPIK program is quite well known in South Korea. If anyone is interested I can also put you in touch with the folks Shanda has been in touch with. The email is below:

Thank you for getting in touch, I just wanted to drop you a line to say
thank you and let you konw a bit more about our company, English World

We are working with *GEPIK* (Gyeong-gi English Program in Korea) which is a
government-funded program just outside of Seoul. We, English World has been
selected as the main partner of *GMOE*(The Gyeong-gi Metropolitan Office of
Education).in 2010

So, We Cooperate with *GMOE*(The Gyeong-gi Metropolitan Office of Education)
as their main partner and supplier. We will help anyone who are interest in
public school in Gyoeng-gi to be placed at the right public school position
as the main partner of the Gyeong-gi Metropolitan Office of Education.

We are offering job opportunities at the *public schools* in the cities of

- Ilsan

- Bundang

- Anyang/Pyungchon/Bumgye

- Suwon/Youngtong

- Bucheon

- Ansan. etc., just to name a few.

These are “satellite cities” which are situated just outside of Seoul and
are very cosmopolitan as Seoul . Only it is less crowded and is more to
foreigners’ taste.

*You may get offers of higher pay with a hagwon (private after-school
academy), but the public schools pay is just as comparable per
teaching-hour, and are more respected in Korea. Moreover, you will avoid
being scammed.*

The schools that we work with are available for you to apply right now. They
are ready to hire as soon as possible.

Here are some details of the contract:

*Starting date:* Any

*Basic Salary:* 2,000,000 won - 2,500,000 won

*Extra class:* depending on the school, overtime hours are offered for
payment of 20,000 won/hour

*Housing:* Fully furnished, non-shared housing is supplied, schools pay
rent, teachers cover utilities

*Settlement Allowance:* 300,000 Won

*Teaching Level:* Elementary / Middle / High school

*Holiday**:* 20 days of paid holiday + Korean national holidays

*Teaching Hours:* 22 hours per week

*Working Hours:* 08:30am - 04:30pm (you must be in the building even if you
are not teaching; use the non-teaching hours for prep)

*Work days:* Monday to Friday

*Medical Insurance:* 50% of medical insurance is covered by the school

*A round-trip ticket* is supplied (Teachers pay for one-way airfare to
Korea(coach class) and are reimbursed during the first month of work.
are then provided with a return ticket after the end of the contract).

*Severance Pay:* One-month salary after completion of contract


- Nationality and BA degree from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New
Zealand or South Africa

- Valid passport from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New
Zealandor South

- Passion for teaching English to students in Korea

- University diploma in Education or English - related major (preferred)

- TESOL / TEFL / CELTA certificate (highly preferred)

- Teaching experience (highly preferred)

If there are any who is interest in ESL job in Korea, please let me know.
We will do our best to find you the best job possible

Kind regards

Soo Kim

English World
General » Anyone dealt with Testimony Kim
Hi Shanda,

I just emailed you, but so everyone else can see...what they are asking for is standard for South Korea. They will ask for your original degree to be mailed to them for authentication. They will get all those papers etc. ready once you've agreed to the contract so that you can get everything you need from the embassy within Canada so that you can go.

Is anyone teaching in South Korea and have any experience working with this company? If you'd like to be in touch with Shanda, email me your email address if you have helpful hints about South Korea, or post them in this forum!

General » Teaching Kids - My Youtube Videos!
Thank you so much Anthony for posting these. As you put more up, please put a note in the forum. I think this is super helpful for 'green' teachers. I always liked starting my classes with actions to songs they new to get them moving before they had to sit for lessons. Every teacher has a different style, but no matter what, you need to engage the students!

Thanks again for sharing!!
General » Credentials needed to teach in!
There is a posting in the job bank posted today (April 1st) for Taiwan and a 2 year diploma plus a TESOL certificate is enough to get a work permit. This isn't necessarily the case in the larger cities, but in different counties where it is harder to get people to teach, this is often the requirement. So I hope this proves that a 2-year diploma is still enough.
General » Canadian Income Tax
Hi Asif!

In your case, consult your an accountant or a professional. For people who don't own property or have investments, non-resident would be the way to go. I had proof I paid income tax elsewhere. However, your situation is different, so definitely contact a professional and have them give you some suggestions. You do not want to have to pay more than you need to obviously!

General » Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia
Hi Ryan,

Footprints would be the main one for Hong Kong, I'm sure there are others, but not that I can think of right now.

Hopefully someone else can add in for Hong Kong.

General » Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia
South Korea


JET Programme

Check these out!
General » SCAM ALERT!!!!!
A shout out to William for finding this BlackList Blog. Thanks to the writer of the blog for the information listed on it. Check it out if you have questions about schools or what to look for in a scam.
General » Graduates in Europe!
Thanks Gabrielle! What a beautiful story. :)
General » Graduates in Europe!
Hello everyone! I am really curious to know if any of our graduates are currently in Europe and about where they are.

If there are a few, can you add to this discussion? I'm curious about how you are feeling the economic shift worldwide with teaching English in Europe. How hard is it to find jobs without being an EU Citizen? Are you making enough to get by? Did you find your job before you arrived in Europe or did you show up and go about it that way.

I know I ask a lot of questions, but I've had quite a few emails about teaching in Europe and all the changes worldwide. I know that part of Teaching English Overseas does require a sense of adventure and risk, and that is what was required of me when I showed up in Taiwan. I'm just curious about how that converts to Europe.

I look forward to hearing some great stories!