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General » Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia

Do you know of any local sites for finding ESL jobs in Hong Kong? There was a recent post put up, you seem like you know a lot about that. Do you mind replying with your knowledge?

General » volunteering in Nicaragua
This is fantastic Geoffrey! Thanks for posting this!! What a great way to travel and teach for sure. I hope you get some people inquiring.
General » Great new job board postings!
Hello graduates!

I'm not sure if everyone has been keeping up with the job board, but lots of job postings are added daily during the week. There are some very exciting job opportunities worldwide. Check them daily! Apply quickly as they might be receiving hundreds of applicants.

Also, I am not in contact with the majority of postings, so I only know what is posted. Even those jobs that I post in the forum, I post all that I know or I state otherwise.

Just thought I'd remind everyone! Happy job hunting!

General » Link for TEFL summer jobs in England
Summer jobs in England. They don't list Global TESOL College, but depending on if you have teaching experience, etc. They may enjoy a fresh teaching approach. It is worth looking into for those interested.
General » Teacher needed in Nepal ASAP!
Hi Everyone!

I got another email from Mr. Opendra Bdr Budhathoki again today. They still really need a teacher ASAP! Please contact him if you are interested. A great way to start teaching, and move around through Asia! Nepal would be amazing!!!!

He already has another teacher for the school, Global TESOL Trained in New Zealand, so you wouldn't be alone!

Please contact him!!
General » job forum
Great question Terry!

More than half the ESL/EFL job market is in Asia. They are set up with their schools in ways that they can recruit teachers, they often have recruiters within their countries, they can afford websites for their schools and lots of them want representatives of 'Western Culture'.

There are still jobs all over the world, often going to those countries you will see that upon arrival. They will not advertise as they don't have the resources or know where to start. Anyone else want to add to this?

Thanks for pointing that out, because unfortunately it is the reality of internet job searching. Please add helpful hints for job searches you all have done for other non-Asian countries!
General » Accessing Course Materials
Hello! I still haven't heard from either of you. You can also call into the office, 1-888-270-2941 and we can make sure we get the problem sorted out!

General » For those in Edmonton, AB!
Hello. My company needs two esl teachers to work for us this summer. We have
one 13 day itinerary operating between Vancouver and Calgary with Japanese
students. We also have a dozen 12 day itineraries operating between
Vancouver and Calgary that they could work on, with grade five and six
students from the US. We could keep them busy for June and July.

Our training trip starts June 1st in Edmonton, and lasts for a week. They
will not be compensated for it, but we cover all expenses, they learn a lot,
and it is a ton of fun. We pay $150 per day and cover expenses when they are
guiding. We travel in 56 passenger busses, with a max of 48 students, 5
teacher/leaders, and two of our guides. .

We are looking for intelligent, energetic people that can learn fast, and
teach fast. They will get to see the finest parts of western Canada, and get
paid to go on a trip that others pay thousands for. Standard First Aid is a
minimum, more is preferred.

**For those in Edmonton seriously interested in this position, I have the address and email address for the gentleman looking for the teachers/leaders. (I don't want to put their address, etc. on the internet without their permission) What a great summer opportunity!

General » Available positions in South Korea!
The below positions is for South Korea. Those who are qualified, please contact

Soo Kim:

'We would like to inform you of a school called chengsol Elemntary school in
Bundang , website at Regrettably, it's all in
Korean but perhaps you can get a "feel" for the school by browsing their
This school has built an English Experience Center where they have 8 English
Native teacher positions. 3 English native teachers will be leaving the
school(finish their contract) in July and August so they are looking to hire
their new English native teacher in their English Experience Center in July
and August.

The school is located between Migum subway station and Jungja station. It
takes 10 mins by walk from Migum station to get to school. The school is in
Bundang, where it is well-developed, clean and highly modernized. It has
good public transportation such as buses and metro. It is near Seoul and
easy to get there. It is also well known for English education and famous
for English native teachers due to the environment and state-of-the-art
facilities. Near the school, there are parks and commercial centers.

Perhaps you can check out the city of Ilsan and Bundang and by going to
the city hall's website at / if you go to that website, there's an option on the
top right hand corner for English so that you can see their info in English.

Is there any who interested in the position, please refer to me.

Kind regards

Soo Kim'
General » Accessing Course Materials
If you guys are having problems, send me an email at with your full names so I can look your file up and see where the problem is. It is usually a quick fix! I don't know unless you tell me! Tell me ASAP so you can get going!