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General » Opportunities in China
Yikes! Try the email
General » Blacklist/Whitelist S. Korea

You can check this one out Trina!
General » Recruiting Agencies for teaching jobs over in Asia
Another recruiter for South Korea based out of Toronto:

Wesley Jun

General » Anyone have connections with shanghai placement?
Hello Godfrey!

I posted a few recruiters at the top of the Grad Forum. You can contact them and see what they might have available! I'm sure it will be easy for them to find a position for your partner and you can find something from there! I've listed everything that will be required for you to find a position easy with them.

:) It would be great if others can add to this as well, perhaps someone is in Shanghai now!
General » Teach2China Recruiters for China!
Another awesome recruiter for China!

All of our clients prefer to have Bachelor of English teachers, followed by Degree qualified with TESOL certification and training. I can affirm that all teachers accepting and signing contracts will have excellent conditions and placements in Central China and our drive for my new office in Beijing will adding to our huge demand.

We have major clients in Shanxi, Hubei, Chengdu, Beijing.

All we really need to get the ball rolling is:

Resume of Teacher including 2 Referees.
Copy of Certifications
Recent Photo
Copy of Passport with more than 20 months validity

Our roll is to screen the teachers for our clients who then offer a contract to suitable teachers. The teacher can then sign the contract which then is the trigger for us to get them a Z Visa, Work Permit & Letter of Offer from School. We walk the teachers through this process and iron out any hick ups they may face.

After the Paper work is issued in China we get it sent by DHL or FEDEX to the teacher who will then simply need to photocopy the documents, scan them, present documents and forms to Embassy or Consulate then wait for about 4 days for the Visa to be ready for pick up in Canada or USA or NZ or any other country of residence.

Our staff will meet the teacher at a Major Airport and escort them to their school to they don't get lost or delayed due to language barrier (I still cannot read Mandarin though I do speak it at a basic level)

The teacher will arrive at the school to be settled in to their own private apartment and relax until they need to start work. Schools will take teachers up to a week and sometimes a little more before their contract starts. We make sure all is in order as well as the process of the teacher getting their Z Visa transferred into a Residency Permit by Local Authorities.

All this at NO cost to the teachers at any stage. Teachers must keep their air ticket for staged rebates and receipt for Visa from Embassy, which are usually all noted in a contract for refunds.

We are looking for teachers to start beginning of 2010 now with the following details:
Major Universities, High Schools, Primary and Pre Schools, 300km from Beijing with excellent facilities and conditions looking for teachers.

Degree Qualified English Teachers or Degree Qualified with TESOL Certification urgently needed to start 2010
Airfare rebates for contracts of over 6 months
Private Unit accommodation, Western style bathroom facilities
Television, DVD, Internet connection with Computer, Telephone (you pay for your own calls)
16-20 hours per week
RMB4000 - RMB6000 per month, depending on experience
Ability to earn more by negotiation with Employer
Health Insurance while teaching at school (not while travelling on vacation)
All bills paid including: Electricity, Gas, Heating, Water


Edwin Reese
Contact info:

Here is basic information required, if your students supply it they will be seriously fast tracked to prime positions for next year. Many people are hesitant or worried about their information and do miss out on prime jobs:

To apply to Work in China (Z Visa) please supply the following:

1. Bareheaded and full-faced photo

2. Resume, including birth country, educational background (from primary school to now), work experience, 2 Referees and their contact number or email. Please specify the time line down to months i.e. November 2006 – April 2008, May 2008 – Current (no unaccounted time gaps)

3. Academic degree certificates and any other certificates (Send us the scanned copy by email first and bring the original or certified one when you go to China)

4. Scanned copy of your passport, all the pages except for the blank ones.

5. Confirm the length of contract you are looking for.
General » Recruiter for China!!
Hello students and graduates!

Below is some info for a recruiter in China! He has been in touch with our head office and is eager to fill hundreds of positions!! The following are the basic standard when schools look for teachers (China has and is changing their laws so this is updated), this isn't the case for all jobs, but standard for ease of finding employment:
*should have 2 years work experience
*age between 22-60 (25 - 45 preferred by most schools)
*college diploma (starting to become a requirement)
*TESOL certificate
*reference letter if applicable
*copy of passport
*recent photo

***again this is just a basic standard of what most schools are asking for, there are still exceptions***

Greetings from China! My name is Eamon Dou, CEO of ESL Dandelion PRC, an organization which aims to introduce native English teachers to work in China.

As is known to all, there is a great demand of English foreign teachers owing to the rapid growth of China's economy. We would like to invite you, if possible, to come and teach in China as well as learning more about this mysterious and fast-growing country. We will be very appreciative if you can pass the info to your friends, colleagues, relatives that China is in urgent need of many ESL teachers.

Currently I have around 500 vacancies for native English teachers in universities and language training institutions all over China but the teachers I have are far from enough.

Followings are the things we can do in order to make everything legal and guaranteed for the native English teachers:

1. Work together with the school for the resume evaluation and the international phone interview.
2. Send official contract from the school for which you can apply for a working visa before entering China .
3. Confirm all details of the contract including free accommodation, work-load, salary, reimbursement of round-trip ticket, travel allowance and other benefits.
4. Arrange travel routine to your future school and airport pick-up.
5. Help you choose the location and the school that you want to teach and stay. We can also help you transfer jobs to the cities you like when you finish your contract. This is a great chance to travel while teaching in China .

Please notice that all these services are provided for free because we aim to
1. help Chinese students get more chances to learn the most idiomatic language from the native speakers.
2. let the world know more about China .
3. provide the student members a chance to practice English.

Lastly, if any of your teachers are interested in teaching China, please don't hesitate to contact us. Resumes with detailed contact info is welcome at any time.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and kindness with the world. We welcome you to travel or teach in China all the time.

Sincerely yours,

China is a rapidly developing country. The whole nation is gearing up for globalization and everybody’s starting to learn the English language. Thus, foreign English teachers are very much in demand. Interested? We suggest you consult the chart above to see what awaits a foreign ESL teacher here in China . For inquiries, email or

Please be reminded that all our services are provided free of charge to all English native speakers.
General » Teachers for Thailand urgently needed!
Due to the political uproar in Thailand, it is harder to get teachers, now is your chance to teach in Thailand!!

Make sure you qualify to teach in Thailand, as for a Visa and Work Permit to work LEGALLY in Thailand you need a degree. You can contact Lynne, contact info is at the bottom!


* We navigate Thailand's complicated Visa & Work Permit regulations
for you
* We offer unique job locations difficult to find and organize on your
* We provide consultants to help you adjust to living/working in
* Newly updated and attractive salary packages, benefits and contract
* We organize and provide accommodation for you throughout your


* No weekend/evening classes and guaranteed salary

* One of a kind Thai cultural experience

* Become a part of the school and local community

* Lots of paid public holidays

* Many paid non-teaching days due to school functions/activities


* Unique locations in primary and secondary schools throughout Thailand

* Updated competitive salary packages 32,000 -35,000 baht/ month (up to
36,000 baht/month possible)

* Accommodation allowance provided throughout contract

* Contract renewal bonuses and opportunities for raises

* Documents for visa application will be organized by MediaKids

* Full coverage of Work Permit fee (MK pays 100%)

* English speaking Thai consultants offering 24/7 assistance

* Free Orientation Course (Thai language, culture, school system, visa

* Semester-to-semester OR full school year contracts

* Health insurance (MK pays 50%)

* Curriculum and Thai co-teacher assistance


* Teach basic English listening and speaking skills in a Thai public
* Monday-Friday -- 20-24 teaching hours/week
* Lesson planning and basic record keeping
* Weekly school staff duties (gate greeting and assembly)
* May 2010 - September 2010 OR November 2010 - February/ March 2011


MediaKids Thailand offers the unique opportunity to work in rural
communities of Thailand for the more adventurous teachers seeking a truly
authentic Thai cultural experience. We also have opportunities for teachers
looking for the comfort of more urban areas, including locations in and
around Bangkok.

* Lopburi - the famous monkey city in Central Thailand, two hours from
* Lampang - less than one hour from Chiang Mai in the beautiful
mountainous area of Northern Thailand
* Chonburi - Eastern coastal Thailand near many islands and beaches
and less than two hours from Bangkok
* Chaiyaphum - located in NE Thailand providing easy access to the
rivers and lush green parks of Loei
* Nan/Pua - remotely located near the forests and mist covered
mountains of Northern Thailand
* Sukhothai - peaceful, surrounded by the ancient temples
* Bangkok - the bright lights and hustle of the famous "Big Mango"
* Angthong - peaceful, surrounded by ancient temples and centrally
located less than two hours from Bangkok
* Many, many others


1. *resume with current references

2. *recent photo

3. *scan of your photo page of passport

4. scan of degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate

5. updated criminal record check (may be submitted later)

*** Online background checks are not accepted

Please rank the following --- 1 being the most desired

Preferred Teaching Location:CITY / TOWN / RURAL VILLAGE

Preferred Teaching Area: NORTH / SOUTH / CENTRAL / NORTH-EAST

Preferred Teaching: ELEMENTARY / SECONDARY

Please feel free to include any other details or preferences that you feel
may be important to your successful placement.

***Four month contracts also available, renewable afterwards.

Contact: Lynne Vince-Jillings
General » Over 55 and still teaching abroad?
For those interested in this topic, check out this website:

There is a table presented as well. Here is a clip from the beginning:

How Old is Too Old To Teach Overseas?
by The Gray One

"Experience is a valuable tool and the wisdom one gains can often be shared with others. So what happens to experienced people in the international world as they age? Is the wise one valued? Considered desirable? Or, Is upkeep too expensive? This Gray One set out to get some answers and I'll share them with you, country-by-country, in the chart, below.
What I discovered was teachers interested in this topic were those whose age could prevent them from receiving a work visa in certain countries. In response to my request for information, which I published in various ISR newsletters, I received a few responses from teachers in Europe and the Americas. By far the greatest response was from the Middle East and Asia where there are age policies “clearly” in place.

From the information I received I came to understand that in some countries, age policies are flexible, while in others, there is very little “wiggle room” on the issue. Apparently, many areas have no formal age restrictions since there were few reports."

Check out the full article and the table they have of documented cases. Food for thought.
General » Over 55 and still teaching abroad?
Hi Robert!

This write up that I did was mainly focussed on China, basically those over 60 going to China have a harder time finding jobs. Those over 55 similar, but the Chinese government is starting to put more restrictions on age. South Korea also does the 55 cap.

This is not the case throughout Latin America.

Recruitment companies will help place teachers, as they get paid by the school that they are placing the teachers in. This is great for the teacher, and the recruiter works on a commission base. I'm not sure about subsidizing, I suppose you could. It has been explained to me that recruiters can still find jobs further out of the main cities in China, specifically. Do keep in mind this is China specific!!

The 5% was just a quote that came from a recruiter, so perhaps in their experience. I really feel it is partly how one portrays themselves. If you are over 55, have absolutely know experience teaching and need a lot of medication and are not healthy, I certainly wouldn't recommend going overseas to teach!

Thanks for your questions.
General » Over 55 and still teaching abroad?
Who is currently teaching English overseas right now and if over the age of 55? We would love to hear from you, or add to this topic!

At our head office we get quite a few inquiries about teaching overseas and being older, as well as our graduates finding it difficult in the TESOL job market for those over 55 to secure jobs.

In China, some schools do hire older teachers, the only issue is that the salary for older teachers is usually lower and the insurance costs are high. It can be done on a case by case basis and the placement rate is about 5% for teachers as older staff. Commission for recruiters for older people is miniscule and resource intensive so they are not hired unless the teacher is a special person with certain skills that were requested. Other countries in Asia, like Japan or South Korea cap the age at 55, so you can't get a work visa to teach if you are older than 55. If you are finding yourself in this situation, our office staff recommends:

-writing on your resume or intro letter the candidates willingness to pay for their own health care insurance. For those that are over 55, insurance sky rockets, thus employers tend to avoid employing that over this age.

-stating your flexibility for teaching different age groups.

-attaching a few pictures of yourself traveling and looking young and fresh.

-choose a passport picture that makes you look young and vibrant.

-make a video of yourself teaching (during practicum or experience), put it on YouTube to put in as an attachment in your intro email. This will give them faith in your teaching abilities.

-network, network, network and see if you can find a job with your own contacts with people that believe in your abilities backing you up!

Many older graduates choose to retire or enjoy semi-retirement in places in Latin America where the cost of living is lower and they can enjoy a more laid back retirement. They will create job opportunities upon arrival, or tutoring on the side.

We do hope this helps give you a fresher look at how the ever changing job market is evolving and how you can try and adapt with it.

Please reply to this post with suggestions, your own personal teaching experiences, and advice for others!