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General » How do I teach in Spain without EU Passport or experience???
Can I please ask what the link for Daves ESL cafe is and also, does anyone have any suggestions about teaching in Brazil. I am particuarly looking to go to Itajai (Santa Catarina) but am not recieving any response from employers there.
Many thenks if anyone has suggestions, my email is
General » Looking to teach in Itajai, Brazil
Hi there, my name is Margherita and I’m looking for an ESOL position in Itajai, Brazil.
I am a native English speaker as well as fluent in Italian, with an Advanced TESOL certificate as well as specialising in teaching Adults and Grammar.
I would like the opportunity to teach in Itajai (Santa Catarina), Brazil and wonder if anyone has suggestions, websites or contacts for me.
My email is
General » Teaching in Brazil
Can someone tell me when the school semester's start exactly in Brazil and if anyone has gone there after gaining TESOL with a tourist visa having the possibility to find work once there?

I would also like to ask as a first time experience teaching, what do you suggest must be brought with you?