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General » Back home after more than a decade overseas..
I know the feeling... I got my Global TESOL cert back in 2009 and I have been teaching in Asia also. Unfortunately I do not have a 4 year degree only a College Diploma which is not recognized. I am dreading having to return to Canada. The only issue is that teaching is the only job for expats out in Asia and I don't know what to do if I leave the education sector.
General » Teach2China Recruiters for China!
Can you teach without a degree?
General » Spanish School - FAKE
They teach Spanish not English.
Once they approve your application they ask for a $1000 EUR deposit!
Global TESOL head-office looked into them.....
General » Spanish School - FAKE
A spanish school has posted a job on the site!
They are BOGUS! Do not respond to emails from
Don Quijote Madrid,
C/ Duque de Liria 6
28015 Madrid
Telephone: (+34) 628 67 73 46

They are a spanish school not an English School!
They may even send you a FAKE email asking for $1000 EURO deposit....... be careful!
General » Sealed transcripts?
Great thanks!
General » Sealed transcripts?
What exactly do sealed transcripts consist of?????
General » Emailing documents?
Is it safe to email copies of our passport, via email?
General » Teaching in Europe?
I am still applying...... but I am being rejected because I am not an EU Citizen?!

General » Teaching in Europe?
Okay, I am looking into jobs in Europe and most posting ask for European Citizens only?! How can I find a job in Europe? Example: Italy, Spain, France