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General » Global TESOL teachers departing for Shanghai!
Last Saturday in Toronto, we hosted a pre-departure briefing and reception for 16 Global TESOL graduate teachers departing within the next few weeks for one year contracts in Shanghai. In between the pizza, beer and wine, the teachers heard from three of our teachers - all trained via the Toronto office - who are currently teaching in Shanghai. The three teachers - Alana, Paul and June - have all renewed their contracts for another year in Shanghai. These contracts are for teaching in the public school system in Shanghai. A university degree is required along with Global TESOL certificate or diploma. In return, the contracts are some of the best contracts in Asia, all for working 15 hours per week! The positions for September are now closed but if anyone wishes to apply for the second semester or for next September, please email your resume AND picture, along with the issue date of your Global TESOL certificate to No phone calls please. We will review and acknolwedge your resume and forward to Shanghai. Best wishes and bon voyage to the 16 graduates from the Toronto office and best wishes for an exciting year ahead. Thanks to Alana, Paul and June for sharing the survival tips and joys of working in Shanghai! Shanghai will also host the World's Fair next year so it's a great time to be there!
General » Beware of Scams in Teacher Hiring!
I just received an email from a graduate of our Toronto TESOL program who is currently teaching in Beijing, but looking to teach in Spain. She had posted her resume and the agency sent a "contract" to her. The contract, stated an end-of-contract bonus - but clearly omitted the salary! This point alone should have triggered alterts!!!The agency further demands an "up-front" fee to cover "advance work" and are also requiring her to pay half of a solicitor's fee in order to "process a visa". Absolute nonsense. Any true teaching job does not require advance monies to be sent in to an agency. Visa fees are often paid by the teacher directly to the appropriate consulate and, depending on the type of contract, re-embursed by the employer. Be aware of such scams. These offers are not real.
General » finding work for 2 months!?
Hi Maggie - this is Jim, the Director of Global Tesol's Toronto Office. We may have through our office some opportunities in China for a few months. From time to time, agents and schools contact us directly searching for teachers. In fact, one large organization which staffs certain public schools, hires our graduates via the Toronto office without any interview whatsoever, since the relationship with Global Tesol for the past five years has yielded what they consider to be outstanding teachers. I suggest you and your friend email your resumes and pics to us and indicate when you expect to be available. I doubt you will receive free flights - normally reserved for 6 or 12 month positions - but accommodation is typically included. Degrees are not required. Hope this is helpful! Good luck!
General » No Degree Required?
I was delighted to receive an email yesterday from Jeanne reporting from her new job in China. You may recall that she had some concerns about the probability of obtaining a job without a degree but with our certificate. She reports that she is in her new teaching job and that she is utilizing many of the strategies and activities which she learned in our program. She also states that there is a fellow teacher on staff who had no training and is struggling. Apparently, upon his return to Canada, he will enroll in this teacher training program as he has seen the effect on Jeanne - not to mention her level of confidence.
So - congratulations to Jeanne! She attached a beautiful picture of her students standing together with her - and she is indeed the proud teacher!
Obtaining a job without a degree is clearly possible. The training program we provide is an essential for job placement and ultimate success.
Toronto Office
Global Tesol College
General » No Degree Required?
There are many, many jobs that DO NOT require a degree in over 64 countries, China, Portugal, Russia and Germany to name a few, it all depends on how honest you are being with yourself and how hard you are really trying.
Global Tesol College DOES give you a job guarantee because it is a No-Brainer for the College. They give you all the tools you require to obtain your goals "a job" and if you are incapable of doing it yourself for whatever reason like ( you're too busy complaining about it, instead of doing something about it) they will even assist you. You say Jeanne that you took your course in the Toronto office and that " no-one told you about it" when as you may remember, you had an entire day ( sunday) discussing your possibilities, not to mention all the information and strategies in you "information handbook" to reference. In addition to this you could, at any time contacted your instructor and the 2 amazing people running the office Jim and Anastasia to help you. It sounds to me Jeanne that your not really trying or don't really want to try for whatever unseen reason, but I highly doubt it has ANYTHING to do with your lack of a degree, perhaps it is YOU who feels inadequate without one, and that goes for you 2 other girls as well. Oh and Kevan, trying to "pitch" your "book" on this sight is in poor taste. Besides, have you not been employed now for the last 4 years because of the College and did YOU not get a job!? It is pretty sad to bite the hand that feeds you Kevan.
I can say all of this because I don't have a degree. I found a job in the matter of DAYS after my course and I completed my course out of the Toronto Office as well Jeanne, but I applied myself, had a winning attitude and marketed myself. Look inside yourselves girls and find the "real" reasons why you don't want to commit to your future, and if that fails you always have that "Job Guarantee" to fall back on.

General » RE: No Degree/Employment Overseas
I am the Director of the Toronto office for Global Tesol College. I have seen many people acquire teaching jobs overseas WITHOUT a degree but holding either a College Diploma and/or hihg school certificate and our TESOL certification. In fact, several agencies/schools which have approached us are asking for our graduates with our DIPLOMA program certification to fill vacant positions - convinced that our group of specialization requirements adds fundamental knowledge and confidence to anyone's portfolio.

Yesterday I received a call from Rob who graduated from our training in a course I taught in Calgary several weeks ago. He does NOT hold a University degree. He advised that since he posted his resume once he completed our course on August 17th, he has received over 30 job offers!!!! He was shocked!!! He remembers that I had spoken about multiple offers during an information seminar but would never have dreamed that so many jobs were being offered to him! He has agreed to let his name stand as a testimonial and will email anyone who has any doubts!!!

Last week, three girls from Newmarket, Ontario armed with only secondary school education but with following completion of our TESOL training in Toronto obtained ione year contracts in Asia. They had been offered multiple jobs!
These young ladies are also willing to verify their experiences for anyone who asks!

A word of advice. Sometimes people are not offered jobs regardless of their education background due to other reasons apart from not holding University degrees: a poor resume, lack of work experience, poor interview techniques etc. Simply graduating from our program armed with an excellent qualification does not preclude the need for "Job preparation" at other levels. I have read many resumes and so has Anastacia who works in our Toronto office and has a background in Human resources. We have overhauled more resumes than I can count!!! We have also prepared candidates for job interviews and helped identify appropriate work experience in order to position their resumes in a more favorable light . All of these factors are important ingredients towards securing a job position.

Best wishes with your searches!

Ontario Director of Admissions
Global Tesol College - Toronto Office
There are immediate jobs available for September 2008 and again for February 2009 in Shanghai within the public school system. The pay is excellent, good benefits, only 19 hours of teaching per week with plenty of time remaining for private teaching or overtime contract work. A University degree as well as completion of the Foundation TESOL course is required. No previous teaching experience. Jobs are co-ordinated via the Toronto office. For immediate response, please email
General » Avoid scams in ESL/TEACHER recruitment!
I recently was advised by a graduate of the Toronto in-class program of an organization using a London, England address that an "upfront fee" of apporx 555 British pounds was to be sent over by the teacher applicant in order to begin the contract processing procedure. The graduate was advised that since some teachers in the past had indicated they would be taking the contract - some backed out for better jobs causing the agency and school lost time and added expenses in order initiate a process for a lost cause. They assure the grad that the fee will be refunded upon arrival. They also provide a phone number, which when dialed, resulted in no answer!

Warning - this is a potential scam. No credible organization/school charges upfront fees for any teacher applicant. Contracts are standard and are prepared with minimal work. Only after the contract is signed and returned does the Visa application process begin and at that point there are some costs borne by the school/agency.

Director of Admissions - Ontario
Toronto Ofice
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General » Brazil Assignments

There are several ESL schools in Brasil which are currently hiring. As well, we have a good Global Tesol contact in Brasil. Email your resume, picture us at and we can provide some assistance.

Toronto Office
Global Tesol College
General » question about length of time permitted for specialization courses
Hi Diana - I am in charge of the Toronto office for Global Tesol and have answered this type of question several times in the past few weeks! Marthe's suggestion of upgrading to a diploma is a great way to expand previous knowledge base with current thinking. Certainly if you were interested in even trying to do some teaching in Toronto to integrate theory and practicum, let me know. We have direct placements in public as well as private schools. You may email me at or call 416-670-4281.

Ontario Director of Admissions