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General » New graduate looking for one semester contracts
We have one semester jobs starting in February. Please send your resume and picture to and we can start the process prior to you starting our course in Toronto.
General » Huseyin Avni Sozen High School, Istanbul Turkey
Matt: Run the other way. Schools do not charge for visas since schools do not issue visas. We address this typical issues in class as part of contract preparation. The school would issue papers and a letter of invitation to assist with the visa - but not charge it for you. We have had several people apply for this type of job, only to discover that when they questioned the school, the "employer" became quite angry and irate, beginning to belittle the teacher for daring to ask. No legitimate employer, from my experience, would act in this manner.
General » IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!!
Samantha - beautiful words and a real synopsis of what many go through en route to a better life. Your work was amazing and your willingness to "go for it" surpassed all fears and previous limitations. You are now on your way to Italy in a few weeks with jobs in China lining up for you! You will never look back on previous days but will continue to move forward as you change the lives of students everywhere. I join the rest of the class and as your former instructor congratulate you and hold you as an example of someone who has turned fear into positive energy, passion and leadership - all happened within the five days here at the Toronto training classroom. Well done, my friend - well done!
General » Beware of China
Hello all: the comments above are somewhat unusual for China. From the Toronto office, we have sent over 55 teachers to China in each of the last four years. In fact, in Shanghai, we staff government schools via a local company. While it is true that some agents are corrupt, this is perhaps the case in any country. The agents I have come to use are trust worthy, have not caused any problems for any of the teachers and in fact, if there has ever been an issue at any school, have jumped in to back up what they had promised. This month alone I am sending 13 teachers into various Chinese contracts! Some of these schools already have teachers which have graduated from our course and are recommending others join them. That's why it is good to go with our organization. Since 1994, we have learned to be careful and as a result, the branding power of our name means that agents or schools will think twice before they try to do anything outside of the contract with any of our teachers. Let us do the job of placing you and then you will know that you have solid backing.

Jim Pellegrini, Regional Director
Global TESOL College - Toronto Office
General » Teaching in South East Asia without a degree.
Hello Donald! I am the Director of Eastern Canada TESOL for Global and am based in the Toronto office. We regularly send people to China for job placements - and they have no degree and no job experience. Their English must be perfect and several employers insist that the graduate hold a Global TESOL Teaching certificate (as three women discovered when they took our class after being rejected by a Middle Eastern employer claiming their other institution was not recognized, and promptly placed in a teaching job within a week of completing our program). The degree is required in some cities in China but is not in others. We know where we are going to place people at the time they apply to take our training and we know the employers that have hired our grads for many years - they know we deliver good quality grads.
The Diploma is also helpful as is previous teaching/coaching experience. Our job guarantee is what attracts people to us since we follow through - although we cannot guarantee any specific country.
Hopefully, this information is of some assistance. Please email me should you wish some further information or help with placements.

Jim Pellegrini, Regional Director
Global TESOL College - Toronto Office
Countries » applying for work
The beautiful thing with our program is that the Orange Book has a sample resume with clear instructions. During the course, students can submit their resumes to the instructor, but after the course - the book is a great reference. The posting sites are all self-explanatory - be patient and try it carefully.
By the way, there are still amazing jobs in China and these agents are not too concerned about the "perfect" resume. Contact us at if you are ready to leave in the next few weeks and have our TESOL certification!
General » Resume reviewing, is it part of your service or out of good will?
Resume writing is part of the course and resumes, along with employment contracts are noted in the Employment Handbook provided to all students. I request that students in my class email resumes to me rather than bring in hard copies so that I may review and comment via email. After there are revisions made, if any, the student re-sends the final version along with a picture, and I at times forward the resumes to select employers. The service by the instructor does not go on forever as it is part of the course during the time of the delivery of the course. The Academic Dept also reviews resumes when assisting applicants with job placements but the primary work of resume preparation should take place during the course.
General » Is Tesol office closed down?
Hi everyone - I handle TESOL programs in Eastern Canada - specifically, Toronto and surrounding areas, as well as Montreal. In Toronto, we had been located in one location for over 8 years. Recently, I made the decision that this office located in downtown Toronto was not an ideal location for the delivery of the TESOL course. Heating and air conditioning were a problem and not having direct subway access was also causing time delays and other public transit challenges. Parking costs were outrageous. Consequently, we moved to a site in the north part of the city, in a luxurious office tower with flat-screen Tv's, wireless internet, reduced rate parking and direct transit access. Since we use the location for the delivery of the course and not as a set office, we are also able to host information nights in other areas of the city and even deliver courses in various locations instead of being locked in to one specific location. Shortly after we made this decision, Edmonton did the same after they conducted their own feasibility studies and responded to the survey and course evaluations submitted by students/graduates. Consequently, Edmonton also moved from their set location and deliver the programs in a location which is perhaps more cost-effective and better meets the needs of the the students. While other smaller TESOL delivery organizations have increased tuition fees, we have not in spite of increases in market sectors which affect us (leases, costs of fuel, book costs, etc.). So while we hold the line, we continue to find cost-effective strategies which enable more people to participate in this training while delivering the courses in a comfortable and modern facility. So, no worries, Yvonne - we are very much "present"!
General » Searching for a job starting May1,2010
We have many jobs in China available. With or without a degree. The key is to go through one of our offices since going directly to an individual may or may not be the best idea. Contact either or One of the websites which many people from Toronto obtain jobs is

Also, for anyone holding a degree, we have jobs in the Shanghai public school system which requires teachers to teach for only 15 hours per week. Send your resume and Picture to and we will evaluate and forward to the Shanghai hiring office. Jobs may be had for one semester or for one week. We have 16 teachers currently teaching there. Best regards.
General » Will be in Beijing From June 10th 2010
Congratulations Linda!!! It was such a pleasure to have had you in the Toronto class and know that you will be an amazing teacher! Best wishes always, Jim