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General » Cerificate
Hi Monica! Actually the certificates do not indicate any grade or any status but are simply proof of course completion. The system generates a grade and for the in-class Foundation courses, we as instructors issue a report card with a mark. That mark is not reflected on the certificate. Employers are not advised of the evaluation mark - only Universities in which the grad is applying for credit for our course - the grade of B or better is entered into the transcript. That's the only time the "mark" is circulated. Should you have additional questions, please email me at and I will be pleased to answer any questions.
General » Living in Shanghai
Not in the downtown core area - they assist with finding accommodation which is considerably cheaper than most from North America are paying. Away from the downtown core, accommodation is included in areas such as Hangzhou, which is a beautiful lake area.
General » Living in Shanghai
We send about 50 teachers per year to teach in the public school system in Shanghai and they earn approx 12,000RMB monthly before private teaching. This pay is for working 16 hours per week. No weekends. No evenings after 3:30 P.M. A degree is required but the job is an excellent starting opportunity in international teaching before launching for key positions in the Middle east and other lucrative spots in Asia! One teacher has been renewing his contract annually there for the past four years. Send us resume and picture if interested. Best wishes.
General » The National Job Fair and Training Expo - Toronto
Hi Mandy!

It is indeed but try also Thanks, Jim
General » Training and Internship/teaching Opportunity in Shanghai!!
The newly-opened Global TESOL office in Shanghai will be presenting its' first TESOL training-course in Shanghai in mid-May. An INSTRUCTOR training course will also be offered to our grads currently teaching anywhere in Asia as we proceed to certify instructors to teach courses around Asia. We plan to open various Global TESOL sites in various countries over the next two years with our business partners. We are trying to meet market demands for teachers of English which continues to out-weigh supply and will do so for another generation.

Here is a one-time "internship/practicum" opportunity designed for anyone wishing to "test the waters" in international teaching under the supervision and guidance of expert educators in Shanghai. Take the five - day TESOL training course in Shanghai ( a large and vibrant city - one of the best cities in China, in my opinion) and be immediately placed in a 30/60/90 day internship teaching opportunity in a school or learning center - at the end of the five days. A one-stop training and experience gaining opportunity!! Accommodation is included throughout your stay, along with some city tours and introduction to "living in Asia" while teaching local children!

Grads from the course that wish to remain overseas after the course may sign a contract offered at the end of their training and commence full-time teaching on a full contract beginning at the end of August. Others, who are in University or College and are returning to classes in September, will experience the "journey of their lives" as they will be able to teach from the end of May until the end of August.

Contact us for further information: I will be teaching the first TESOL course in Shanghai as well as the Instructor's course - which will certify our grads with teaching experience to be instructors for us, anywhere in the world!

If you are currently teaching in Asia, post some of your experiences here so that anyone considering working in Asia will begin to understand the level of welcome and delight with hosting one of over 200,000 native English speakers teaching in China today!!! Share your stories!
General » The National Job Fair and Training Expo - Toronto
It is our annual public display in Toronto: the National Job Fair and Training Expo held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center - North Hall - on Wednesday April 3rd and Thursday April 4th. We have a most predominant display occupying four booths as we usually see over one thousand of the ten thousand visitors which attend the Job Fair! This year, we will be hosting information seminars "on the spot". We are also featuring a virtual reality assistant named "Melissa" who will welcome guests to the Global TESOL exhibit. Information seminars will operate every 20 minutes and provide an overview of our training, plus list some of the thousands of jobs which are currently open. Many of our grads in Eastern Canada had originally met us through the Job Fair and started their incredible overseas journey with this one meeting! Come visit us if you are in the area or tell your friends to come and introduce themselves to us so that they too, may begin their incredible journey into an amazing career overseas!
General » Foundations/Spealization Certificates
Tianna and Aisha - thanks for also updating. Certificates can take a month or more from the COMPLETION of your specialization courses. Certificates are issued from the Toronto office. Calling the Edmonton office only delays the process - so please contact us if you are expecting certificates. We have NO REASON to delay issuing certificates but at times, so many students are graduating at the same time from different Eastern Canada centers that there is a longer delay. We also issue letters to potential employers confirming your completion of the training at your request. For graduates in Ontario or Quebec, please email indicating your student number. Thanks and best wishes! Jim
General » To Hugo, Adrian and the Great Montreal Class!
A brief moment to congratulate two wonderful gentlemen who several weeks ago completed the TESOL training with myself having been the instructor in Montreal. Both have signed contracts within days of completing their training are now leaving to teach in China. To Hugo, who is departing tomorrow morning and to Adrian, leaving for a different location on the following day - you asked for it to be "immediate" and we were able to grant it utilizing our agent network world-wide. Thank you for posting the beautiful comments Hugo and congratulations for a new-found life overseas to you both! You were part of a wonderful class of over 20 people who will all realize their life overseas as soon as they elect to use this "ticket" of Global TESOL. Miracles? Not really - taking the first step is a big one - then believe! Let us do our work. Together we will continue to repeat these stories over and over and over. To your success! Cheers and bon voyage! Jim
General » New graduate looking for one semester contracts
We have one semester jobs starting in February. Please send your resume and picture to and we can start the process prior to you starting our course in Toronto.
General » Huseyin Avni Sozen High School, Istanbul Turkey
Matt: Run the other way. Schools do not charge for visas since schools do not issue visas. We address this typical issues in class as part of contract preparation. The school would issue papers and a letter of invitation to assist with the visa - but not charge it for you. We have had several people apply for this type of job, only to discover that when they questioned the school, the "employer" became quite angry and irate, beginning to belittle the teacher for daring to ask. No legitimate employer, from my experience, would act in this manner.