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General » What Foreign Land-bound, New TESOL Grads Need to KNow
Not to undermine Danilo's work nor his contribution to the overall interests of teachers, but all Global TESOL Instructors have taught overseas and do provide complete training with "life overseas". Books ARE provided in many overseas jobs: especially in schools where our teachers work that are government or public schools. Having North American University degrees in many of these jobs, some of our teachers are also quite familiar with the need to modify these books and are at times asked to sit on paid review committees to revise manuals accordingly. Also, our own 700 page Foundation manual lists many games, activities and strategies which are often used by teachers.
Our human resources are our best resources. Maria, who works in my office, has overseas experience including China and she can always provide first-hand information. Bev, also from my office, has taught Adult learners in Canada and children in China, now teachers the Toronto TESOL course and also offers abundant information. And finally, we offer 16 specializations which you can acquire specific teaching strategies and have a certificate issued in each of those areas of accomplishment so many teachers never stop seeking their own professional development.
Global TESOL College remains the largest TESOL training program in the world - and our expertise and resources are aligned with the latest developments in school systems overseas. True, if you teach in private language schools which are a business, the criteria can be very different, but if you work in school systems, the support can be even beyond what is offered to children in Canadian schools!

Best wishes with all of your pursuits.
General » Taking Flight
Congratulations Janet! Thank you for your kind comments. To think that we met at a Job Fair in Toronto in early April and here, two months later, you are one of hundreds beginning a new career and a new life.

Here is a video of your class Janet, so that everyone may see how after five days, people who mostly have NEVER taught in the past, were teaching - each in another language, as part of the training to teach English overseas. Enjoy the video:

Safe travels Janet! God bless you as you begin to affect the lives of hundreds of children!
Just send to Thank you.
No Terry, I am not the owner - I direct operations in Eastern Canada and do international business development and thus the reason for opening up TESOL centers around the world. Once you submit your resume and head/shoulder picture, we can forward to our agents for their response which will be based on openings as well as your educational and experiential background. The Middle East should be an option for you since the pay is good, the people are delightful and, especially in the U.A.E., the life style is very similar to North America. Best wishes.
Terry, actually the CELTA and TESOL are recognized as interchangeable. Some organizations view the TESOL as being more appropriate for the purposes that our teachers are hired: teaching conversational English using the Communicative approach. CELTA focuses more on linguistics which may be fine for the British system and for English-first countries, but not that practical for countries in which English is not the primary language. Consider that the Government of Shanghai recognizes our certification and issues the work visas for our grads as "Foreign Experts" which then allows our grads to teach in the mainstream public school system, is a huge plus. In addition, Malaysia's education ministry recognizes us as a regular educational program while USC and the Department of Education of New York State recognizes our course as a University credit course - these are all "hard' credentials which enhances the value of your certification - particularly for the teaching of adults. Compare us carefully and you will soon realize the reason we are the largest and most-recognized in the world. Best wishes, always!

Thanks Janet - you are always so positive. Do share your story as well. Scott - we JUST got your resume and it has already been "fixed" by Maria and you are soon to be good-to-go. Be sure to keep us posted with your adventures!
Thank you Beverly. Your words are inspiring and your leadership clearly evident. Congratulations for all of your success during this journey.

Beverly and 21 others completed this program last month in Toronto and some of these graduates have already received over 300 job offers! There have never been has many teaching positions opened overseas as there are at present. Even if you have never taught before, this course will empower you and the results will enable you to teach in any situation to any age level in the world. Contact us for further information at
General » Grads - Be our Representatives!!
We have had many stories of graduates who share their story of their journey through TESOL in-class Foundation. It is a truly life-changing experience as anyone can read in the postings written in this forum over the past years. Yet, what some people forget, is that you as a grad, can also be a marketing vehicle for us, earn money and spread the word by giving others the opportunity to take part in this program. I have two international examples. Monica, came from Poland to the Toronto class for the TESOL training (we have grads which fly in for this training from many countries) and loved the experience. We talked and decided that she could try to set up a course in Poland. She did. I went to teach the course months later and couldn't believe that I was in Warsaw - a most beautiful city - teaching a TESOL course for five days to a room of people recruited by my grad. She earned money but more importantly, earned the gratitude of the many class members who were so grateful that she brought an international program from Canada - with a Canadian instructor - to Poland. This was a dream for them since they could never afford to come to Canada and yet wanted the in-class training.
Last month, a woman named Daneja completed her course in Toronto. Prior to her one month upcoming trip to Croatia to visit family we chatted after the course. A short training session, some material - and off she went. As of today, in less than three weeks, she has registered 19 people for a September course - all excited to be studying from a Canadian College which has come to them with more to come for the start date.
What are you waiting for? Be the force of change which people will appreciate - be the Global TESOL representative where you are located and one never knows: as we start opening up offices world-wide in our major 2013/14 expansion, you may be part of a new generation of TESOL Instructors!
Good luck and best wishes everyone! The sky's the limit - just believe!
For further information please contact For graduates from Western Canada, please contact
General » Cerificate
Hi Monica! Actually the certificates do not indicate any grade or any status but are simply proof of course completion. The system generates a grade and for the in-class Foundation courses, we as instructors issue a report card with a mark. That mark is not reflected on the certificate. Employers are not advised of the evaluation mark - only Universities in which the grad is applying for credit for our course - the grade of B or better is entered into the transcript. That's the only time the "mark" is circulated. Should you have additional questions, please email me at and I will be pleased to answer any questions.
General » Living in Shanghai
Not in the downtown core area - they assist with finding accommodation which is considerably cheaper than most from North America are paying. Away from the downtown core, accommodation is included in areas such as Hangzhou, which is a beautiful lake area.