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General » Jobs with no experience
David, we place grads all the time with no degrees and no experience. Please send me your resume and head/shoulder picture and we'll get you placed within a few days. Please send to Some of my grads also try to do placements but we are connected with agents for over 20 years offering legitimate jobs. Thank you.
General » Looking for work in Asia
Hi Scott!

Please send us your resume and head/shoulders to and we can find something for you or direct you to the appropriate office. Where did you do your TESOL training?

Best wishes,

General » question about length of time permitted for specialization courses
Hi Diana!

Anyone who has not completed their specialization within 6 months of the start of the Foundation course needs to be re-activated and pays a re-activation fee. If the file has been non-active for over a year, then there is an additional file re-activation fee. If you took the course in Western Canada (i.e. Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg) then contact the Edmonton Office for assistance ( and Victor will process your re-activation and get you going into an amazing market place waiting for teachers. If you trained in Eastern Canada (i.e. Toronto, Newmarket, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton) then contact the Toronto Administration Office for assistance ( and Kat will process your re-activation. Please email me should you have any questions! Nest wishes, Jim
General » Looking for work
Hi Mathew! We can certainly place you in a great job in Asia. Please send your resume and head/shoulder picture to and we will get you there as we have for hundreds before you!
Jim Pellegrini, Director - Eastern Canada Operations
Global TESOL College, Toronto, Canada
General » Certificate
Hi Hyun - I have no messages from you except one that I replied by text. Certificates can take up to a month or even a bit longer but yours should be on its way. In the interim, there is nothing to panic about. Any employer wishing to confirm that you have completed the program contacts us so the process is not affected. Good luck!
General » Recent graduate looking for tips
If you send us your resume and head/shoulder picture, we can get you a good teaching position quickly.
General » Mongolia- Advice
Hi Samuel!

If you want to send us your resume and head/shoulder picture we can get you set up there. We have hundreds of reputable jobs in Mainland China but the deadline for visa applications, in order to be in time for September contracts, is rapidly approaching. Email all items to Best wishes, Jim
General » Completion of Certificate
The system notifies us of completion and certificates are subsequently issued - normally 2-3 weeks upon completion.
General » Register for Specializations Course
Yes, that's within our area of administration as it's part of Eastern Canada. Send an email indicating which specialization you wish to take and providing your full name or Student ID.
We'll handle the remaining details! Cheers!
General » Register for Specializations Course
Where did you register to take this course and which city are you in? Normally, if it states that "this email already exists" - it means that you have a file and cannot open a second one. I can register you for the specialization course and clear up your question, or if you are not in my area, will forward your situation to the appropriate office. Please let me know. Regards, Jim