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General » Teaching in South East Asia without a degree.
Hi Jere,

Please send me an email so that I can ask you a question that is non-forum related. I tried looking for a pm option or email a fellow member, but to no avail, I did not find one.
General » Beware of China
Very well put and understanding!

General » Advice Please: Chinese Essentials and Gift Risks
I found that all North American items for personal hygiene is available in all of the major shopping establishments.

Never had a problem with not finding anything.

Red envelopes are a big plus and fully welcomed commodity in China. Money is always accepted, especially USD currency.

Moutai is a cultural extravagance and is shared during a meal, along with a prime rich tea.
General » Course Speciality Costs?
So many views but no responses. here is a reply from Wendy.
I ask this question because I could not find it on the website, it is not like a big secret. And since I have not been active this past year, I needed to catch up on the local news, etc...
Thank you...

The cost to add specialization are $200 each so for the Teaching Adults English and Teaching Tourism English. In order to add them please call us at 1888-270-2941.

Academic Coordinator
Global TESOL College
Suite 303, 9488 51 Ave. Bldg #1
Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6E 5A6
Phone: (1-888)-270-2941 or (+1780)-438-5704
General » Beware of China
I have been to China 4 times, my wife is Chinese. The last time I went, this past year, was kind of an more interesting experience.
Now, I have always been in the company of my wife and being Canadian, never really had a problem. I have been to English Cafes and met some really sociable people, (great bunch), but also a lot of snobbish Westerners, who were ESL teachers. I will not say what country they are from, but you would think that an open embrace of ones roots would be a mostly likely humble social event.
And yes I have ventured in my own as well. did a self tour, shot a lot of pictures in the heart of China's SE and was always welcomed with curiosity from the local population.
So a predisposed bad attitude of the traveler is asking for trouble. Intelligent people are a tuned to this and will exploit ones dysfunction.
Ignorance is also a deterrent, and on one trip I was fortunate to meet a Elderly gentlemen who was seeing his future bride, (he was from Costa Rica).
His most wise belief was that, no matter who you meet, you never know who you are meeting or getting to know. Judge, Lawyer, Doctor or Bandit, you just never know who they are.
General » Course Speciality Costs?
What is the costs now for Specialization courses?
General » A Canadian Question?
Canucks Abroad
General » A Canadian Question?
Best Resource of Information:
General » A Canadian Question?
Found so Far:

Best Resource of Information:

General » A Canadian Question?
Hi Donald,

I live in Calgary.

So, not really giving up Cdn Citzship. But more of just leaving Canada to work for a few years in China.

Wondering about the CPP and OAS politics. I will check the site, but as usual a very vague and limited source of information.

My email is