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I was offered a summer position with Pueblo Ingles a few summers ago. They have summer camps in a few different locations throughout Spain. Unfortunately, I had a conflicting work schedule in Prague at the time and wasn't able to join the camp. Some friends of mine did, however, and they raved about it! It is a volunteer camp and they do provide room, board, and food. You can check out their website, I believe its just

General » If I am unemployed how can I pay to get a job???
Ok, as I said before, you should not expect for all schools to pay for or reimburse your flights. The only exception to this is in Korea and sometimes in Japan. Other than that, it will be on a case by case basis. When seeking jobs in S America, you must remember that it is a continent that is not flush with funds. You are lucky enough to have a job that pays a living wage down there as many of their citizens are not so fortunate. The same goes for most schools in SE Asia. In Europe, there is so much competition for jobs, the schools have no incentive to pay for your flights. If that is your demand, they probably have hundreds of other applicants ready and willing to pay their own way. When applying for a job in the states that is across the country, would you expect every company to pay your way? Sometimes, but not always or often.

Education is not big business. While they are almost always willing to pay for or at least help with the Visa process, the same cannot be said for flights. But yes, be wary of recruiting companies. Do your research and contact the school itself and find out exactly what they offer.
General » If I am unemployed how can I pay to get a job???
Yea, Zondra, your experience sounds horrible. However, I don't think it is typical.

For my first job in Prague, I simply bought a one-way ticket and showed up. Obviously, that made it much easier to interview and I managed to find a job within about a week. This was about 3 years ago.

More recently, I started to look for jobs in Asia. I focused particularly on Japan and S. Korea. I had 2 phone interviews with Japanese schools and 3 phone interviews with schools in Korea. I was never once asked to fly anywhere for an interview or asked to pay any sort of processing fees. That just sounds like a red flag to me.

All 3 Korean schools I interviewed with offered airfare paid up front, accommodation, and 1 of them even offered settling in money. The latter is quite unheard of, I think, but most Korean schools offer housing and flights. For the most part, Japanese schools offer none of those benefits. However, I ultimately came to Japan to teach for Westgate. They do actually pay for flights, but the flight is reimbursed over the course of your second and third paychecks. The only cost I incurred was the initial cost of my flight. Other than that, everything is taken care of.

So what I am saying is, do not get discouraged! If you want a job in Asia, it is totally doable without any upfront cost and without flying anywhere to interview. I don't really know about S. America though. My advice is to just go! I know it sounds like a scary thought, but the best way to showcase what you are offering is in person. I do have one friend teaching in Colombia. He went to schools in Cartagena and applied. One school actually offered him a solid, full time gig on the spot and he took it. He has been there for almost 2 years now and loves it!

DON'T GIVE UP! The job and the adventure is out there! Just stay strong, be bold, and you will find the perfect post, I know it!
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I can tell you that it will be much easier to find a job without a degree if you are already there. Although I have a degree and my TESOL certification, I was unable to secure a job in Prague from America. I finally just bought my one way ticket and managed to find a job within a week of arriving. I think they are more nervous of you not being serious if they don't get to meet you in person. Its definitely more difficult without a degree, but if you can charm them in person, it will greatly increase your chances. There was one teacher at my school in Prague, Lingua Viva Language Academy, that did not have a degree. So it is possible.
As for an EU passport, I don't necessarily know about Poland, but I can tell you it posed no problem to me in the Czech Republic. And there were tons of jobs in Prague. Have a look at for jobs there if you at least want to get close to Poland.
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If anyone is interested in a job in the Czech Republic, there is a great website that posts numerous jobs. It is I found my job through this sight within a couple weeks of moving to Prague and could not have been much happier with the results.