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General » Zhuhai TPR
Ah ha!

Forgot to mention! Income Tax (salaries over 120K per year only)

16000 - 13% income tax = 13, 920
13,920 - 5000 rent and bills = 8920 net

7000 - no taxes = 7000
Rent and bills paid by school = 7000 net (and everything is cheaper in Zhuhai than it is in SZ)

General » Zhuhai TPR

Watch what you hear and read about online!!! I have NEVER known a teacher in ANY city, big or small making 30K RMB!! NEVER!!! And I have been here (In Shenzhen) almost a DECADE!!!

Zhuhai is a small city and 7000rmb a month is more than local doctors and lawyers would be paid! Comparing salaries with minimum wage back home is pointless because the cost of living in China is SOOOOOOO much cheaper!

With your qualifications you could easily find a job in Shenzhen but that would still only be 12-16K to start and you would have to take care of your own rent and bills (in SZ about 5K a month) If you ever hear of a job paying 30K a month take it immediately, because I have never even heard of such a thing!

In rural parts of China the going rate is 3000-4000rmb a month and in those areas that makes you a rich person. Literally! I gave up a 60K job in Canada to make 4000rmb a month in China 8 years ago and never looked back.

I am about to embark on a new career now which involves senior management of a large successful factory and only NOW am I looking at making around 30K.

Long story short, you really can't compare the salaries here with the salaries back home. The cost of living is SOOOOOO much cheaper here it would be like comparing apples to rocket ships.....

And also keep in mind, big cities may offer larger salaries (up to 16K) but then the cost of rent and daily life also goes up. 16K a month here becomes 10K after rent, bills and transportation are paid for......
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!
Hi Megan

Wow, that's a lot to digest and you certainly have been doing some reading online. First thing to keep in mind, you can't believe everything you read online. :)

1:Visa - No, you cannot teach on an F visa. That is a tourist visa and nothing more. DO you not have a global TESOL certificate? If so you really don't need to do the 15 day training and instead should be able to simply begin work. Most people that do the 15 day training are doing so in order to get their TESOL or TEFL in China before going to work. Regardless, Buckland will get you the work visa (Z) once you have accepted a position, so that is no problem. The 15 day training is not considered work. Buckland takes care of the visa on this end.

2: Wardrobe - Unless you are a slim and petite woman by north American standards, clothes might be tricky in smaller cities and until you know your way around where ever you end up working, best to pack enough to live on for a month. Don't bring everything you own, but also don't plan on buying your entire wardrobe when you are here.

3: Money - $500 is about 3500-4000rmb here, which is a lot and depending how you spend your free time that will determine how far that money goes. Living in Yangshuo is cheap enough, especially if you stay at the Buckland Hostel. Though if you already have your Global TESOL there should be no reason for you to have to do the 15 day training and should just be able to come stay as a FREE guest of Buckland while choosing a position. That's what I did.
*** Warning *** One of the most popular activities with new teachers here (and especially in Yangshuo, is CLUBBING and BAR HOPPING!!! This is JUST as expensive as back home and will drain your funds VERY quickly!!! Best to take it easy on the partying and the money will go MUCH further!

As far as the cost of living, it is 20X cheaper here than back home, and haggling is the rule as opposed to the exception. Though you cannot haggle in restaurants and grocery stores, everything else is fair game. Don't worry about being "Too Cheap" as I used to. This is a haggling culture and it is expected. Plus the prices go up for foreigners because they assume we are all rich. Bring a Chinese friend with you and learn the real prices and you should be fine.

4: Crime - It is VERY common for people to be worried about crime EVERYWHERE they go that isn't "home". I got the same warnings about Hawaii that others got about Mexico. Yet when I flew to Atlanta Georgia for business the ENTIRE PLANE was warned before landing to STAY OUT OF THE DOWNTOWN AREA AFTER DARK OR YOU WILL BE ROBBED OR KILLED!!!!! This is what they tell people flying into Atlanta!?!?!?!?!?!

In China, Police do not carry guns. Period. There is rarely ever a need. I have never felt safer in any country in the world, including Canada. Whereas pickpockets and thieves are here, and also tend to believe foreigners are all rich, if you don't carry your cash around in an easily opened back pack or hanging out of your back pocket, you have VERY little to fear. The only "incidents" I have ever seen or heard of were 100% due to the foreigner being an idiot. One girl kept her Buckland pay in a back pocket in her backpack and was just asking to have someone take it when she didn't even do up the zipper. The same WOULD have happened in Canada. And as for violence, I have heard of a few incidents, and they ALL revolved around being drunk and causing shit in a bar or nightclub. Every single time. I have seen and experienced first hand 100X more violence in Edmonton than I have ever even heard of in Shenzhen.

And as for dark alleys...... Come on, is it EVER a good idea to go wandering down dark alleys in any city? A little common sense is all you need to be 100% safe.
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!
Yee Gads Woman!!! Don't do that!!!

When you get the invite letter the Visa it will get you at MAXIMUM is only good for 3 months!! No need to jump the gun and get it too early, that could lead to serious complications later. Seriously, I know its exciting and all, but if your visa runs out in China before Buckland has a chance to get it switched for a full Z visa it would only cost you and them tons of money in fines and hassles. Absolutely no need to jump the gun! The Chinese embassy and consulate will be able to tell you how many DAYS it will take to process. 2-3 weeks in advance more than enough.

As for medicines, every foreigner I have known (literally hundreds) has never not been able to find western medicines and treatments in China. It is a good idea to bring a good supply so you don't need to rush around your first couple months however. Nothing like running out right when you arrive and then having to scramble. Worst case scenario ask your doctor. He/She should be able to tell you more. Another thing myself and many others have tried is Chinese medicines as well. I undertook a wild and crazy procedure that is pure traditional Chinese medicine which cured a chronic pain I was told as I child I would need medication for for LIFE! 5 years later and I am 100% pain free without any medicines at all. Never hurts to explore alternatives.
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!

Applying now is kind of pointless as the rush in the Buckland office will now be on hiring for March. They will be dealing with hundreds of new teachers this month alone, so you may or may not receive a reply. As for being accepted, fear not. You have a TESOL Certificate so you are qualified and in high demand. But applying now for a job in 6 months wont get fast replies since I can guarantee you they are working their tails off as we speak for the upcoming semester. Including for 2 of my friends who are on their way to Buckland as we speak!

For best results (and you may even receive the same notice from Buckland) is to apply about 1-2 months before you actually plan on heading out. And it is best for Buckland for that to be before the new semester, as the deal with schools, not training centers.

No worries, Buckland does want you.
General » Best Job of My LIFE!
Once again a Heartfelt Thanks to Global TESOL! Without their help getting me out into the world I wouldn't be where I am today!

I have just passed probation at my new job and not only did they say they wanted to keep me, in fact they refused to let me leave! My utterly and completely insane, wild and crazy style of teaching is not only acceptable, it has gained me a fair share of fame in the company as being one of the best teachers they have!

How do I do it? Easy Peasy! I REALLY am crazy! I am active, getting up and sitting down 20 times an hour. I and my students write not only on the white boards, but the glass walls all around the classroom. I laugh, sing, shout and make funny faces and noises constantly. I dance and skip through the center, play my ukulele randomly and interrupt other teachers classes, including my boss. I come to work 2 hours early every day not because I need the prep time, but because I have so much fun hanging out there with my students! (and the free Starbucks helps too!) I am simply one of the craziest and most energetic teachers they have ever had and centers are already fighting over me....

And the kicker is, I am NOT teaching kids with these crazy antics, I am teaching Adults who have paid 3X more for these lessons than any other comparable training center in China.

Can you do it too? Sure you can! The secret to being an effective teacher sometimes is not just about knowledge of grammar and credentials. Learning a language can be tough and boring. Adding some life to your lessons, whether adults or kids, will make it easier for your students to enjoy them! And in doing so they not only remember more, but are MUCH more anxious to come back!!

Be positive! Smile CONSTANTLY! Sing Dance and be CRAZY!!! (especially if you CANT sing or dance, that just adds to the appeal!) Exude positive energy from every pore in your body and it will not only be noticed, but it will be appreciated! Our company simply wont hire teachers who stand ot the board, talk and write all class.

Now, 2 months in, I am the official Demo Teacher, meaning I showcase the center for potential students. I will be giving training to other teachers in the company who have been there YEARS longer. And the kicker, I have been invited to join the management training program already, even though I haven't completed the mandatory years service as a teacher.

So long story short, don't be afraid to be a little crazy. Fun not only educates, but it SELLS!!! Bottom line is, be noticed! Don't be the "nice" teacher standing at the board lecturing, as those folks are easily forgotten. Instead be the dynamic *CRAZY* one who gets noticed and becomes a super star teacher.

I GUARANTEE this will work for you! Give it a go!
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!
Hi Megan,

Best to apply in July or August as they would prefer you in China around the beginning of the school term (Sept).
General » Have experience and a degree? Want to work for the same company I do?
HI Heather,

I don't know what the age requirements are Gayle. But if you send me a resume I will certainly pass it along. So far I have gotten three people hired!
General » Have experience and a degree? Want to work for the same company I do?
Awesome pay! Great company! Truly a global giant in ESL training and easily the best job I have ever had! I have already gotten one Global TESOL grad in, he arrives in a month, next month it could be you!

Read some of my posts here and you will see I have been in China for 7 years and been loving it. I now work for a company with locations all over the world and over 180,000 adult students in China alone!

My city "Shenzhen"(literally right next door to Hong Kong) still needs a few teachers this spring! The pay is more than competitive and also involves monthly bonuses, yearly bonuses, paid leave and gov holidays, and a flexible system of teaching which makes for successful and happy students and minimal teacher prep time. Classes are max 4 students, though social clubs have up to 12. Never a boring moment as part of your teaching duties also include English corners where you prep whatever you want!

So whats the catch? Unfortunately for this company, a degree is mandatory and 2 year college diplomas wont work. Due to the high cost of training for the students and excellent reputation the company does require a degree. They also prefer some amount of actual teaching experience. But, they are also 100% legit and will get you the all important work visa you need to be a legal teacher here.

The company also provides a full week training program for all new recruits so they can learn the method that makes this training center so successful. Add to that the frequent company dinners, annual events and parties, and it seems so far to be a pretty dang cool place to be.

The best bit is if you send your resumes to me, since I know the HR guy personally who is asking all staff, including myself, to bring in teachers, I can fast-track any resumes I get and you could be good to go in a month!

So if you have a little(or a lot) of experience and a degree. send me your resume and info to and I will forward it personally to HR and get the ball rolling!

Dale did his interviews and demo class on Skype, btw, in case you were wondering how that works! Now if I can swing it I will be picking him up in Hong Kong at the airport!

General » China Pay
They are always hiring, but they prefer teachers to come at the beginning of a school term. It makes best sense for the students. The apartments will typically be on school campus(as in my case) or VERY nearby.... Forget about the western idea of "commuting", they will make your stay as easy as possible. And transit is not only WIDELY available, but dirt cheap too.... You wont pay much more than a quarter to take a bus across town, unless you happen to be 20Km from the school, which I can assure you wont happen. Buckland does go above and beyond to make their teachers happy.

As for replies, well, please keep in mind, they shuffle out hundreds of teachers a year, with an office staff of less than 10 and a HUGE amount of applicants. It may take a little time, but EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY PERSON I have sent to Buckland HAS gotten a contract! EVERY ONE! But this is the time of year they are busting ass to process all the new teachers and finding the school willing ot work within Bucklands strict requirements. If you have TESOL, they WILL hire you..... Now is just their craziest time of year.... Trust me, your patience will be rewarded....