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General » Public vs. Private Schools
A fair question indeed, something I have muddled over for years.

I recently left me job working for one of the largest ESL Chains in the world, and it left a VERY sour taste in my mouth.

When I first started I loved my job! I had a great time with staff and students alike and very quickly was noticed and promoted from within. It was to the point that after three months I was ready to enter the management program and actually have my own center.

Then Pearson Education bought the entire franchise. And EVERYTHING changed. 5 minutes late for your 1 hour pre-class prep meant a fine 20X your hourly pay rate. Weekly *Sales meeting* to discuss how to "push" students through the program and promote resigning long Expensive contracts (literally the most expensive training center in China). Then our monthly bonuses hinged on how many students were bringing in referrals and re-signing so we were literally being forced into a sales position in order to not be punished verbally and financially......
With all the meetings, classes and ridiculous amount of external prep time required, it left all the teachers physically and emotionally exhausted, with a mandatory 6 day work week to boot....


I finished my contract and decided to go public.

1/3 less salary, but realistic hours (amazing actually), evenings and weekends off, LONG holidays (when training centers are their busiest!!), a very light class load and most of all, smiling happy kids and coworkers, who are thrilled that you are there helping them instead of just out making money for shareholders of a corporation. Knowing I am helping these little monsters get into better schools and better there own futures is well worth the pay cut to me. Plus the other teachers and administrators in public schools do *know* you could be making a ton more money somewhere else and are often very appreciative of your efforts.

That's my stand on it. I have worked now in China and Canada for several of the largest corporations in the world, and I can honestly say it is not for me, so my opinion is a little biased I suppose. Either way you go, try to have a little fun on the way!
General » Unique Opportunity in China - Government Jobs for TEACHERS!
Rats, forgot to mention something.

Although many of the smaller cities in China will accept teachers without a university degree, the bigger cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing do require a minimum of a bachelors degree in order to get a work visa.

There *are* online universities that are accepted and very easy to get a degree from, but a little bit expensive. I have several friends here working for the government and other big companies with online Uni degrees with no issues. Usually cost around $750 - $1000 for a LE Bachelor degree. Let me know if you are interested in details.

Otherwise, if you do not have a degree but want to get your foot in the door in China (once you are here WAY easier to find excellent opportunities) I HIGHLY recommend as they hire without degrees or experience. They are an excellent company who take very good care of their teachers. It was also my first job after Global TESOL and also that of many MANY grads I have also personally referred to them. You won't be working in a big city, but you will truly experience the "real China" that you simply don't get in the ultra modern mega cities like Shenzhen. Every teacher who applies is guaranteed a contract with Buckland and though the pay isnt as high (5000rmb per month typically) it is a "hand holder" job, PERFECT for new teachers, as they provide everything you need: Apartment, all utilities, bank account, chinese lessons, VERY low hours and excellent care for their teachers. Once you finish a contract with Buckland you will have enough experience to jump anywhere in China you want!

In any case, good luck!!

General » Looking for job in Shenzhen
Send me your resume and I will pass it to my HR. They are currently hiring 110 teachers for a pilot project for the Shenzhen Government. First of its kind in China and huge potential. I start teaching Monday morning. I JUST posted about it a couple hours ago here, check that for details or send me your resume to and I will pass it along to my HR guy personally.

General » Unique Opportunity in China - Government Jobs for TEACHERS!
Hey all,

I am a graduate from back in 2003, still over here in China, teaching and loving life, thanks so much due to my training with Global Tesol. ** I am not a recruiter by the way. I took this opportunity myself and due to the HUGE amount of teachers needed my buddy in HR (Ray) asked all the new teachers to do what they could to find more teachers. It was such an amazing opportunity I had to share it with Global TESOL since they helped me so much in changing my life!! **

I have JUST started a new job I thought I would share with you guys!

This is a pilot project in China and it is starting at the ground level, meaning tons of opportunities for advancement and excellent job security as it is a government job.

The Gov of China has decided to play a direct role in improving English training in China. As such they will be hiring all the English teachers for their public school system. (In the past it was all done privately on a school by school basis) It all starts in Shenzhen an ultra-modern city right next door to Hong Kong. The district I live in is the first in the city and country for this project. As such, there is TREMENDOUS opportunity to move up into senior teaching and possibly management roles.

The current positions being hired for (Again, this is for one district in one city, possibly 1000's of jobs later) are:

Normal teacher - Elementary, Junior and Senior High - they need 110 teachers - Salary 126,000 rmb per year
Senior Teacher - Same Schools - they need 10 - 300,000rmb per year
Vice Principal - Again same schools - they need 10 - 600,000rmb per year

All positions include:
A fully furnished apartment including all utilities, internet, phone service, etc - or housing allowance if you want to find your own
Airfare reimbursement at the end of the contract (approximately 10,000rmb)
All government holidays, Christmas and others, off with pay.
One full month paid holiday during either the summer or winter break
2 paid teacher retreats during the year, 1 to Yangshuo (GOOGLE IT!!! Truly AMAZING!!) and the other Xiamen
Free breakfast and lunch at school
a legal work visa and health insurance / social welfare (this means you just show a card for medical treatment, not pay now and reimburse later..)
Company dinners, gifts and other opportunities to make more money if wanted. (they arranged for me to be an extra in a movie last weekend for example)

And the best bit, the duties.
After soooo many years in China working for training centers, I have become REALLY tired of giving up all my evenings and weekends and generally working my ass off 6 days a week for a little more money. In the public school system it is like this:

Work hours - Mon - Fri 8am - 5:30pm - 2 - 2.5 hour lunch - MAX 18 lessons a week - 40 - 45 minute lessons
If you do the math, thats 10-12.5 hours of LUNCH a week and only 13.5 hours actual teaching.......
And again, every school is different, that is MAX lessons, I currently do 14! Some teachers I know do 10 lessons a WEEK!!!!
I do 4 lessons mon and tuesday, then 2 a day weds to fri...... SWEEEEEET!!!!
Public schools in Shenzhen are VERY modern as well! All have Air Conditioning and awesome classroom computers! My classes all have 70 inch touchscreens for the kids to interact with!! Crazy fun!

You do have to work during one of the schools long holidays (winter or summer) but you get the other off, the choice is yours and both are fully paid!

There are tons of other perks and bonuses, but the best of all is the fact that it is a stable job and a legal visa. The low hours and fun work only makes it better!

They DO prefer 2 years experience, but considering how many people they need, might be an IDEAL time for new grads to give it a shot too! I will gladly throw in your resumes too!!

If you want more information or want to fire me off your resume, my email is

I like my HR guy a lot and I told him I would help him fill some of those 130 positions so fire me off a message or an email people and Welcome to China!!

Take care everyone!!

Anthony (Ant in China)

General » Myths and.....
Thats more than possible actually. If you eat in the right places a decent meal will be 1-2 dollars.
General » How to get a job when you are not native English speaker?
China's policies are changing too. Not only do they require native speakers (for the most part, always a few exceptions) but China now also requires a Degree.
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!
Easiest way to go is Bank of China. Buckland will help you set up an account when you arrive.
General » What % of people actually make good $ to bring home to Canada or the US?
Depends where you go.

As an experienced teacher I could easily send $1000-$1500 home every month and have more than enough to also support my wife and daughter here in China. (Very low cost of living)

However, once you start finding the hidden job markets, then that becomes a moot point. My current opportunity is going to make me more money in 1 year than I made my last 10 years in Canada...... Seriously.

BUT!!! I am no longer just a teacher! It took me 8 years to get here, but now that I can speak Chinese and made some contacts...... WheeeeeHaw! Look out Lexus SUV!!! Here I come!
General » Kindergarten Fail!!! But not the end of the world!

Are you talking accessible from within China or outside China?

In China, any bank is fine. Really. Same as asking which banks are more accessible in Canada. ATM's accept all cards, most now even accept foreign bank cards.

As for outside of China. Same answer. I have 3 different local bank accounts I have successfully accessed outside of China. No fears.
General » Any ball park figure one can make tutoring in China
Going rate is 100-250 rmb per hour, based on experience.