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General » Rockies English School???
hey I've starting speaking to Rockies English School about a job, and was hoping someone who currently/recently worked for them could tell me about their experience. Thanks!
General » Frightened of taking the final step
Hey K i'm from Manitoba, I've been teaching in Jilin, China for 6 months now, and I love it. I definitely felt those worries before I came over, and I agree with Janine- research is extremely important. The biggest thing is feeling comfortable, and research can clear things up for you.
Figure out your priorities and what is important to you. If you are worried about culture shock and the uknowns that come along with a new country, then perhaps you want a larger city that will offer more Western comforts. What kind of weather do you want? How many hours do you want to work? What is the cost of living in the city you're considering, and how much will you need to make to live comfortably?
My experience in China has been great, and since the country is so huge, it offers so many diverse opportunities. Some job ads for Chinese schools will lead you to places that are quick to bring anyone over, but take your time and find a school that will answer ALL your questions, and make you feel confident about boarding that plane.
PS. You'll need to adapt to some noise no matter where you go in China... i don't think there's a very quiet place in this country.