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General » new grad/nervous
> Hello, I have traveled out of the country several times and loved it, but have never lived in another country. I look forward to the change, however, would prefer to go with someone.
> If anyone is interested in trying to "tandem", email me. I prefer to go to a country surrounded by warm ocean waters.
> Sincerely,
> Joyce
Hello Joyce
I feel the same but Iam going anyway. I want to go to Eastern Europe or Russia but I will hold off. Anyplace tropical like you say Iam for but I think the pay in those places are less, but I dont know everything because Iam new to this. The one I am considering the most is Korea for my first asignment because of free housing and good pay. I need a little bank on the first asignment and experience. I have much experience with youth in subbing and coaching.
Where and when would you plan on going?
Have a nice day
General » ALV summer camp information!

My name is Lonn. I had an interview. Did a person named Christina Franklin interview you? I m just curious because I applied for a job for a summer position in Taiwan for 4 months. She said she had to wait a couple of weeks for the owner to get back to me for hiring. I just want to know if they are giving me the run around. If it is not the same company can you tell me where to contact them for a summer position. I really need one. Thankyou. Sorry I couldnt answer your question.

Lonn Devoll
General » Where are the summer jobs? England makes hard with work visa Help!

I want to find a summer job teaching esl anywhere in the world. Is anybody know where to get hired at? Are you hired? Refer me please!!!Is any body looking for the same? Help!!!!! Summer is coming to close.

Thanks Lonn
General » Looking for a women to travel with or a musician to rock with overseas
Hi my name is Lonn, Im 34. I have a Masters in Teaching and a TESOL certificate. Im traveling the world. I have started in a few spots in North America and overseas is next. I like to hike and play sports. I like to sing and play music also. Im trying to write stand up comedy and hope to complete a travel writing book. I would like to teach in Eastern Europe, Russia, or the South Pacific, but I could be convinced to go any where. I put this notice up for two reasons.

1. They say there is many fish out in the sea but I havent met anyone around my age 27-35 who would like to travel the world. Many people have kids and are settled. If your like me, contact me and request a photo of me if you would like.

2. If there is anybody who likes to play rock music I would like to do that in the town I teach at. It would be easier to do that if I was in it with someone. I sing and play guitar.

I hope I hear from some one on either subject. Have a nice day