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Hello Jim,
Happy new year!

I just finished my specialization exam (Tourism English)!
Spain & Italy were in my top choices to go abroad, and I was wondering how many weeks these contracts would represent and their start date?

Thanking you in advance,
Stephanie Cote
I want to thank you so much for this post, and all the hard work you have put into Global TESOL College, providing training and being an inspiration to all of us aspiring teachers/travelers!

I started the advanced diploma course online a few months ago. After spending a month in Thailand as a volunteer English teacher, I was so inspired while over there, and realized the passion I have for teaching and making a difference around the world. Though I do find myself in doubts; questioning if I will be a good fit once I have completed my exams, or if I will find any jobs over seas at all, but this post has solidified my dream and gave me the boost of motivation I need to complete the course and go for it!

I hope to one day be able to apply my skills to the industry, as well as make Global TESOL College proud of their teachers and the training they provide for us.

Thank you again Kat! :)
What started as just a five day training course turned into a journey of three years and counting...

When coming into the course all I wanted to do is to go away and teach English for a few months and then come back and start a career in public relations. I had no idea that signing up for this course would open up a whole new world for me and would change my life forever.

I've taught in Guatemala for two years in a call centre as well as in a private language school. When my contract was over I was hooked on travelling and teaching and wanted to go to a different country but instead got an offer to work for Global TESOL College as a director of international operations and later also as an international TESOL instructor.

I've had the pleasure of working with Global TESOL College and Jim Pellegrini for the last three years. Through out this journey I've traveled to different countries providing TESOL training. I have noticed the amazing transformation of students' dreams becoming a reality after taking this course and embarking on their overseas adventure.

When my students tell me they cannot find jobs in their home country I cannot wait for them to send me their resumes. Just the thought of knowing there are more than 30, 000 teaching jobs available on our job bank alone confirms that I've done the right thing of accepting this job offer.
Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help another person. To hear the excitement in their voices, the nervous look in their eyes - they finally got an offer, they are finally able to travel, to see a new country, to learn about a new culture - this is what it's all about. Realizing our dreams and helping others realize theirs.

TESOL around the world is continuing to gain momentum and popularity and being the world's largest TESOL organization and registered with the government of Canada, Global TESOL College is always present at international government fairs and expos. I was recently requested by Jim Pellegrini to represent the company at a Government of Canada Fair in Shanghai, China and my Director was just in Sweden at a Canadian Embassy Display at one of the largest world Youth Fairs.

My latest adventure with Global TESOL College is just in time for my three year anniversary. I am so proud and honoured to travel as a representative of the college with Premier Kathleen Wynne who will lead her first business mission to Japan and South Korea to strengthen economic ties, create new partnerships and encourage investment in Ontario.

I am looking forward to seeing what other adventures life will bring and to the next three years with Global TESOL College!

"Don't let your dreams be dreams" - Jack Johnson
General » Completing Tesol Course and thinking of getting ready
hi there, this is Alan
So I' completed Tezel course and thinking of doing my specialization course in teaching children. Because I think it will be easier having no teaching experience or much children interaction before, I'm not quite sure what to do actually.

I have read some stories on here about instructor teaching experience and kind of decreasing my confidence because it seems like its can be very terrifying and stressful due to adapting to a new culture in a different country and the work environment and trying to survive in a every daily basis, so I'm feeling confused and overwhelming of what to do, I'm open to any advice or recommendation, thanks
General » TESOL Foundation Course with Kathy Ezard
Hi Jim,
I hope you can help me, it has been 2 months since I passed my exam and I have yet to receive my certificate. I have made numerous phone calls and exchanged emails with Kat Ostroumova, however I'm getting nowhere.

My departure date is quickly approaching and I need my certificate. Can you please give me a call at 514-296-8504 or e-mail me at I really really really need assistance here.

My GTC Reference Number is 16194692.
General » Finding a job overseas.
I guess to begin I'll say a little about myself. I finished the Online TESOL program back in August, and I'm currently going to College for my Bachelors degree. I do however, already have an associates degree (though it feels like it's worth next to nothing). Right now I could only manage to find experience teaching ESL by volunteering two days a week.

Anyway, I was hoping to find a job as early as this December and try to spend a year teaching somewhere, but I don't know where to even begin and was hoping I could get some advice from someone who has experience.
General » Teaching in Hong Kong
A reminder again that when applying for overseas jobs, contact us for verification and for the use of agencies we have used for years - reliable and real.
General » Teaching in Hong Kong
Hi All,

Please as a massive heads up, be aware of coming across to Hong Kong with any agencies.

I came with one that looked really good, their online interface was quite reasonable compared to others etc. However they give a truly false representation.

A lot of people in HK are struggling with them, the head is rude and once you arrive they provide next to no support once you are placed in a center. This is among other things.

They gave me a really poor outline of the cost of living in HK and i struggled for several months, luckily i was placed in an awesome center who backed me through the nightmare with them and i now work for them directly on a MUCH more FAIR wage.

If you are looking to come out to Hong Kong please get in touch if you need help.

All the centers here advertise on DB jobs.

thanks :)
General » TESOL Foundation Course with Kathy Ezard
Hi Brenda! Just saw this. Please email me your resume and head/shoulder picture and we'll take it from there! Thanks
General » TESOL Foundation Course with Kathy Ezard
Hi Jim

I have recently completed my Global Tesol 120 hour certificate specializing in Tutoring. I will be living in Spain from September and living on the Costa del Sol. I am desperate to find a job before I go. I wonder if you could help me get placed.
I was living in Calgary when I did my course, and did not get the support from my instructor, as this student did with her instructor. Can you please tell me what the EF is please.

I look forward to hearing from you
Brenda McEwan
email address: