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General » Any Suggestions?
Hey - I'm a female hoping to go teach in Vietnam. I'm trying to decide which city to go to. Ho Chi
Minh or Hanoi. Any suggestions?

Also, for those of you who have gone to Vietnam to teach already - is there anything I should do in Canada before going? (the whole work visa/criminal record check part - what should be done here and what can be done once in Vietnam?)

Thanks for your help!
General » Global Graduate Map! Where are you???
Hi Grads!

We thought it would be neat to be able to see where you have ended up! So check out this interactive map, and add your pin (and a comment or two)! It only takes a few seconds ...

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Lindsay MacNeil
Graduate Assistance Director
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General » Grad Warning!
We have received a number of complaints from some of our female students about a man posing as a hiring English Academy in countries such as Spain, China, Dubai, Greece and Costa Rica. He has used the names Dr. Alan Hamilton, and more recently Raymond Anderson. The company he claims to work for is either BOPINESL or BOTESL. He uses the e-mail address:

He conducts phone interviews with potential teachers and they normally last from 1 ? to 2 hours in length and are extremely personal. Questions and requests are inappropriate and sexually motivated.

This man, we believe, is finding contact information for new, female, ESL teachers by searching resume boards on the Internet.

Please be sure not to post information such as your phone number and address on websites.

Include only your e-mail address on your online resume, and once you have received a job offer from a school you can provide them with a phone number to conduct a phone interview. It is normal for a school to request one or two photos of you dressed professionally.

If this man has contacted you, please inform your local police. This is the only way we can hope to stop this from happening. We have also alerted the authorities, specifically the Internet Crimes Division.

For more information please see the link below:
General » Poland
Hi, welcome to the board!

Here is the website for the Polish Embassy in Canada: and here is information about foreigners working in Poland:

After some more searching, I found this site:

"Of the expatriates who have settled in Poland, many seem to integrate better into the local communities and get involved in local activities than they do in places like Prague and Budapest, where it's relatively easy to avoid the locals by hanging out in places where only expats congregate. So if you want to find your own little niche among an ordinarily friendly and open people, Poland might be just the place for you. It will definitely challenge you in ways that the other countries won't simply because it seems more of a frontier than the Czech Republic or Hungary."

Sounds like a great place! Good Luck
General » henan province, China
Hello. I was looking at jobs in China and was just wondering if anyone had any warnings or had heard of any places to avoid in the Henan Province of China
... also any job finding tips/ things to look out for (good or bad) would be apprecaited!
Thank you.

General » Does anyone know how the Taoyuan school in Taoyuan is for teaching?
Sorry, I don't know about this school, but I can give you some tips to help you decide if it truly is a good school.

1. Talk to e-mail at least 3 teachers that currently work there. Make sure they have been there at least 6 months. They never lie!

2. Make sure the school has been open for at least 5 years.

3. Send your contract to an instructor to look over before you sign.

4. Find out about the director and/or the head teacher. They are going to be looking after you, so it helps to know that they have experience in teaching.

Good luck!

> I just wanted to know if anyone has taught at the Taoyuan school before. I got offered a job there and it seems pretty good and the people seem really nice I would just like to be sure.
General » Looking for a start in South America

I am Andrea, the Toronto instructor!

I have a few contacts in South America if you need help. They don't advertise on the internet often, it's just not the way they do business, so I know it can be difficult.

If you would like these contacts, e-mail me a fax number or address to mail the contacts. My e-mail is

Good luck!

> Hi, Anyone know of a good contact in South America. I am wanting to secure a job there but have not had much luck in the area yet.
> any help would be appriciated,
> Thanks
General » Poland
Hi! I graduated last October and am planning to head over to eastern Europe soon and am having trouble finding information on jobs in Poland. Not specific jobs, but going as a Canadian and whether or not it is possible to get the right working papers once a job has been secured. Does anyone know about this? Any ideas on accomodation etc? Thanks, Louise
General » south america
We just posted two new jobs in Brazil today! Take a look at the job board if you are interested.

Best of Luck!
General » Does anyone know how the Taoyuan school in Taoyuan is for teaching?
I just wanted to know if anyone has taught at the Taoyuan school before. I got offered a job there and it seems pretty good and the people seem really nice I would just like to be sure.