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General » Profile
How do i view my profile and cover letter on here
General » SUMMER 2006, China
Future English runs a summer intensive programme from mid-July to end-August-ish. There are seven schools in the Dalian area [Liaoning] and they will be looking for teachers.
General » Spain or Portugal
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on getting a job in Spain or Portugal ?
General » SUMMER 2006, China
I am a Canadian ESL teacher in Hubei, interested in teaching at a summer school/summer camp in a city/small town in the northern part of China, during the summer. I am seeking a position for Mid-July to mid-August.
General » Books to give away in China
My husband and I have been teaching in China for the past year and have been very fortunate to have friends and family send us English novels. Now we have about 75 novels to send to others in China who want some English reading material. They are a mix of mystery, horror, history, and people stories.

Email me if you're interested.


General » Any Pre-School teachers out there?
I just started my first week teaching pre-school and am having a harder time than I expected. My students are age 2-4 in one class and 3-6 in another. Having fun during activity time and going to the park is no problem, but when it comes to the actual teaching of new stuff, I feel like I am talking to a brick wall. The kids are at varying levels - some not speaking any English at all and others that have been in the school for a year or more and have the basics of the classroom down already. I am pretty sure that I am going to have to get down to very basics and teach the things around the classroom (table, chair, put on your jacket) so that the class can flow.

Also, any hints on getting them to do what you are telling them to do (like stop running in the classroom or quiet down during story time). There is only one or two very "hyper" kids in one of my classes. They start acting up and then the whole class gets into it. I guess what i am really looking for is pointers on how to gain control of a class of 2-4 year olds, and keep their attention when others seek to divert it away from me. Any pointers at all would be appreciated. Thanks!
General » Couple position in Bucheon, South Korea
My girlfriend and I (TESOL grads from Toronto) are looking for replacements for our school in Bucheon,
South Korea. The school is called Bansuk EFL Institute and has been an excellent place to work. The
director is terrific to work for, we're always paid on time and our apartment is nice and also close to the
school (two minute walk). We are lookiing for a couple or two friends (as it's a shared apartment) who
would be able to come to Korea around mid July.

Please email Gary and Brandi at

Additional details:

30 hours / week
2.0 Million won / month
paid airfare
fully furnished apartment (5 min walk from school)
bonus at the end of 1 year contract
close proximity to Seoul
General » Teaching Adults
You may also want to try just conversational English. As well, articulation or proouncing the words correctly because they want to sound right when they are speaking the language. This can be done in informal situations ie. having dinner and dordering from a menu, playing a game, etc.

Good Luck.
Bev C
> Hi Melanie,
> congrats on your first teaching job!
> One of the most important things you need to do with your new students is a needs assesment. Find out why they are learning English (work/entertainment), and help them set goals to achieve through your classes. It might be difficult with a mixed level "class", but I am sure you will all work it out together (split up activities- while you work with one the other completes a challenging worksheet).
> In addition to why they want to learn you, as the teacher, also have to judge where they need to improve as students as well. Check out chapter 14 of your Foundation Manual for info on student assesment.
> You don't necessarily need textbooks to teach English, just use materials that you have around you:
> segment of a tv show sitcom for listening comprehension (make a cloze excercise),
> book of short stories for reading comprehension,
> and current event topics to help promote conversation
> Hopefully you will have fun and learn as much as your students!
> Good Luck
> Lindsay MacNeil
> Director of Graduate Assistance
> Global TESOL College
> 1-888-488-5809
> >
> > Hello,
> > I took the TESOL course last June and haven`t yet started teaching yet. I'm planning on heading to Vietnam in the fall/winter of 2006. Now, that being said, I`ve been approached by a co-worker who would like me to "teach" him and his friend english (I'm currently living in Montreal).
> >
> > I get the impression that they are at somewhat different levels (inferior/intermediate and intermediate). Since I haven`t yet taught, I`m not really sure what to do. Especially how to start. Any suggestions for teaching adults?? I don`t want it to be too easy nor too difficult! But I want them to enjoy it!
> >
> > Thanks a bunch!
> > M?lanie
> >
General » Is anyone teaching Business English
I am interested in speaking with someone who has had experience in teaching Business English.
Please email me at
Thank you.
General » How to get a Teaching Job in Italy?
I'm interested in landing a job in Southern Italy, but I'm having trouble.
I have experience, but no responses to emails or faxes to schools.
Can anyone help?