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General » new grad/nervous
Hello, I have traveled out of the country several times and loved it, but have never lived in another country. I look forward to the change, however, would prefer to go with someone.

If anyone is interested in trying to "tandem", email me. I prefer to go to a country surrounded by warm ocean waters.

General » teaching in Poland.
Hello everybody,

I am a new grad of Global TESOL college. I would like to get in touch with someone who is
teaching in Poland or the Middle East.

Thank you very much.
General » Non-native teachers be warned!!!
Hello to all non-native teachers. I found this following message on a website randomly...It's a sad fact for all non-native teachers really.. I'm one of them :(

Hello Friends,

this is not to scare you off but just to draw you attention towards the myopic view of the language institutes in the middle east. I am a fresh celta trained teacher and have scored better than the native speakers on the course.

I was on cloud nine when a reputed language institute called me for an interview, conducted a training and offered me a project. I thought my CELTA training and proficiency in the English language paid off. I was however in for a rude shock, when they called me a day before the course was supposed to start and said if students asked me where I was born and brought up in, I should be say "in the UK"; my "perfect" accent would lead them to believe my story. It felt like selling my soul to the satan, but thinking it was one of the marketing strategies, I reluctantly agreed. I was told no matter how good a non-native speaker was, students wouldnt't want to learn English from a non-native especially an INDIAN!!.

The worst was still to come when a few minutes later I got a call again, saying that the course had been cancelled due to "problems with the students". When I asked the director (the guy who had appointed me), he said he would discuss things with the marketing guy and get back to me!! - which as expected, never happened.

All other institutes in need of English language teachers dont even consider you for an interview if you are not a native, so it makes me wonder whether qualifications to a job are based on one's academic credentials and personality or merely by virtue of the passport you hold!

Good luck to all you out there!!
General » 2 Job Openings in Costa Rica
Hi, I am currently working for a private school in Costa Rica and out school currently has 2 job openings for English Teachers. A 3rd and 4th grade teacher and a 5th and 6th grade teacher. The school is located near the beach (Puntarenas, Costa Rica).
If you are interested please look at this website.
Or contact:
Saint Patrick American School
fax: 011-506-663-3839
P.O.Box 68-5400

Jewel Bresson
General » What countries pay good with lowest cost of living
It does not have to be really good pay, but the cost of living should be very low. I only have the foundation and business so far so i might have to work hard to find these places for now. In the future when i have more qualification then i can go anywhere.
General » Join the Tesol MSN instant message group!
Add yourself to the chat. An invitation to join through email will be send to you all. The email subheading will say "Join the Tesol MSN instant message group!" This will be of great advantage for anyone who needs info fast and/or wants to communicate with others with the same goals.
General » SUMMER 2006, China
>How would I find information on this summer program?

> Future English runs a summer intensive programme from mid-July to end-August-ish. There are seven schools in the Dalian area [Liaoning] and they will be looking for teachers.
General » Where are the summer jobs? England makes hard with work visa Help!
I also want to find out what's going on for the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions.
General » Looking for jobs in China
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Catherine MacRae and I am a Canadian citizen currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am a recent graduate of Global TESOL College with and advanced certificate in teaching TESOL and am in the process of completing my specialization in teaching children.
I am very interested in securing an EFL teaching position in China. China offers so much culture and diversity that I can hardly wait to have the opportunity to explore it and learn the language. The anticipation and excitement I have about immersing myself in your culture and sharing my own with the children there is overwhelming. I feel there would be no greater achievement than teaching children my native language and the children sharing their culture and language with me!
If chosen for employment consideration you will find in my forwarded resume that I have ample experience in customer service and the hospitality industry. I have worked with people of all ages and love being with the public and sharing my knowledge with them. Being in a supervisory role in this industry I have had the opportunity to train, coach and guide many employees into success in their field. I know that this is a huge asset in allowing me success in teaching and guiding young minds in creative and innovative ways. I have a lot of experience caring for children of family and friends. In doing this I have taught them developmental skills through song, crafts and creative games which I am positive I could implement into a classroom setting. I am a friendly, patient, outgoing person who has been working with people for many years. I believe that I will be a strong asset and positive influence for both the children in the classroom and the rest of the staff at your school. My strong personality and supervisory experience will make for a fun, organized, structured classroom which will make for a great environment for children.
I am sincerely hoping to secure employment at your school and am open to teaching adolescents and adults at any level of English but my main goal and experience is with young children.
I will also be traveling with a companion who wishes to obtain employment at the same school, you will find her cover letter attached. We will be sharing accommodations if provided.
Please feel free to contact me at any time through email at to further discuss my qualifications and to receive a confidential email that contains my resume and other contact information including letters of reference. I will be available for employment at any time after May 15, 2006. Thank-you.


Catherine MacRae
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nicole Singh. I am a Canadian citizen and have just graduated from the GLOBAL TESOL program with an advance certificate in teaching English overseas. I am now looking for a teaching position.
I am actively looking for a EFL teaching position in China. I have always been intrigued by the culture and by all the different people in the country. Coming from a culturally diverse family I have always been impressed and influenced by different cultures and languages and am very passionate about learning more. I believe this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experience these things. I feel the Chinese culture has many things to offer people and would be so excited to learn more about it first hand. With my experience and background with children I have much to offer your school.
Although this would be my first teaching job, I have plenty of experience with teaching young children developmental skills, culture and basic ideals and principles of life using fun, innovative and creative methods. I believe this will be one of the strongest assets I bring to your school. With my ample experience in customer service and the hospitality industry has given me a high level of patience and active energy which makes for an energetic classroom and for a great teacher.
I am a very outgoing, funloving, organized person to be around. I bring joy, hard work and high levels of excitement to everything I do while creating a relaxing environment that would give children the freedom to learn at their own pace in my classroom. Most of all I believe my ambitious nature and sincerity will be most appreciated in your school not just by the children but by other staff members.
I look forward to any opportunity that I may have teaching ESL students and welcome any secure job. I am available to start work at any time after May 15, 2006. I am willing to work with students of any age but my preference will lie with small children.
I will be traveling with a friend who is also seeking employment and you will find her letter attached to mine. If accommodations are provided for us we would like to share.
Please feel free to contact me at any time at .


Nicole Singh
General » More on teaching adults...
Thanks for your suggestions!
I have had my first "lesson" and it went ok. It was more of an assessment than anything else - and they did pretty well! I would put them in the intermediate to advanced category (one is more advanced than the other however).

They told me that they would like to work on their pronunciation and be able to read a text and explain it in english. They understand it, as they said they could explain it in french, but can't explain it in english. They want to improve their english in order to be able to communicate more effectively in english at work with the clients. While I know it's important to help them on their pronunciation, I know that getting them to speak and correcting them may get old... I have a few ideas (cloze exercises with a song, tongue twisters, reading and summarizing short stories out loud) but that won't really get me through the next three months. Any more suggestions? Games? Something fun that adults (in their 30's) who have a pretty good base of english would enjoy and actually benefit from?? Any tips would be great. Thanks again for your help! I'll definitely look into your suggestions.
> Hello,
> I took the TESOL course last June and haven`t yet started teaching yet. I'm planning on heading to Vietnam in the fall/winter of 2006. Now, that being said, I`ve been approached by a co-worker who would like me to "teach" him and his friend english (I'm currently living in Montreal).
> I get the impression that they are at somewhat different levels (inferior/intermediate and intermediate). Since I haven`t yet taught, I`m not really sure what to do. Especially how to start. Any suggestions for teaching adults?? I don`t want it to be too easy nor too difficult! But I want them to enjoy it!
> Thanks a bunch!
> M?lanie