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General » Is anyone teaching Business English
> I am interested in speaking with someone who has had experience in teaching Business English.
> Please email me at
> Thank you.
General » SUMMER 2006, China
Check out That's the parent company. It is American managed and, although not perfect, we are happy at our school.
General » new grad/nervous
Hello, I have traveled out of the country several times and loved it, but have never lived in another country. I look forward to the change, however, would prefer to go with someone.

If anyone is interested in trying to "tandem", email me. I prefer to go to a country surrounded by warm ocean waters.

General » teaching in Poland.
Hello everybody,

I am a new grad of Global TESOL college. I would like to get in touch with someone who is
teaching in Poland or the Middle East.

Thank you very much.
General » Non-native teachers be warned!!!
Hello to all non-native teachers. I found this following message on a website randomly...It's a sad fact for all non-native teachers really.. I'm one of them :(

Hello Friends,

this is not to scare you off but just to draw you attention towards the myopic view of the language institutes in the middle east. I am a fresh celta trained teacher and have scored better than the native speakers on the course.

I was on cloud nine when a reputed language institute called me for an interview, conducted a training and offered me a project. I thought my CELTA training and proficiency in the English language paid off. I was however in for a rude shock, when they called me a day before the course was supposed to start and said if students asked me where I was born and brought up in, I should be say "in the UK"; my "perfect" accent would lead them to believe my story. It felt like selling my soul to the satan, but thinking it was one of the marketing strategies, I reluctantly agreed. I was told no matter how good a non-native speaker was, students wouldnt't want to learn English from a non-native especially an INDIAN!!.

The worst was still to come when a few minutes later I got a call again, saying that the course had been cancelled due to "problems with the students". When I asked the director (the guy who had appointed me), he said he would discuss things with the marketing guy and get back to me!! - which as expected, never happened.

All other institutes in need of English language teachers dont even consider you for an interview if you are not a native, so it makes me wonder whether qualifications to a job are based on one's academic credentials and personality or merely by virtue of the passport you hold!

Good luck to all you out there!!
General » 2 Job Openings in Costa Rica
Hi, I am currently working for a private school in Costa Rica and out school currently has 2 job openings for English Teachers. A 3rd and 4th grade teacher and a 5th and 6th grade teacher. The school is located near the beach (Puntarenas, Costa Rica).
If you are interested please look at this website.
Or contact:
Saint Patrick American School
fax: 011-506-663-3839
P.O.Box 68-5400

Jewel Bresson
General » What countries pay good with lowest cost of living
It does not have to be really good pay, but the cost of living should be very low. I only have the foundation and business so far so i might have to work hard to find these places for now. In the future when i have more qualification then i can go anywhere.
General » Join the Tesol MSN instant message group!
Add yourself to the chat. An invitation to join through email will be send to you all. The email subheading will say "Join the Tesol MSN instant message group!" This will be of great advantage for anyone who needs info fast and/or wants to communicate with others with the same goals.
General » SUMMER 2006, China
>How would I find information on this summer program?

> Future English runs a summer intensive programme from mid-July to end-August-ish. There are seven schools in the Dalian area [Liaoning] and they will be looking for teachers.
General » Where are the summer jobs? England makes hard with work visa Help!
I also want to find out what's going on for the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions.