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General » Toronto China Information Seminar

I would like to welcome Toronto grads and their friends to our first China information Seminar.

Come out to learn more about the culture, the language and of course the jobs to be had in China.

Our seminar will be held on Wednesday June 28th at 7pm.

If you are interested, please e-mail Christina at or you can call the Toronto office at 416-979-3793.

See you there!

Global TESOL College
General » teaching positions in coastal china?
If anyone has any info or experience on teaching on the coast of china, in the south or southeast
(macau for instance), could you please give me any info you have. I am quite interested in going there... thank you!

General » Professional Diploma Completed
I would like to take this time to thank the fine folks at Global TESOL College for offering this course. I would especially like to thank Barrie for his hard work a dedication as my instructor. Barrie was always very helpful and prompt in his replies and corrections of my assignments.

Even though I have been teaching EFL here in Korea for just over 5 years I learned so much from this course. My supervisor was shocked at the improved creativity in my classroom presentation and lesson planning from the time I started taking this. I was always told by my peers and superiors that I was a "damn fine teacher" but I knew I lacked creativity and resources to be a GREAT TEACHER. This course has solved that problem.

As the Head Teacher at my school I am responsible for training all new teachers that arrive. The last few I trained I was much more confident in the advice I was giving. I used the knowledge from this course to help train the new teachers.

Thinking back I kick myself in the butt for not taking this course sooner! I am sure this has been said countless times before, but even after 5 years of teaching experience I learned so much!

This course was well worth the money I paid! It was well worth the time I put in, and man-o-man did I put in some time!

If you are thinking about taking this course, stop thinking! Take it! You will not regret it!
General » Looking for two new teachers in Korea
Cheers from a former Global grad!

Looking for two teachers to compliment out staff here at the Oxford Academy in Gunsan, South Korea. Two of our teachers will be finishing their contracts and returning home to
Canada in July. Both positions are to start in early July.

-A university degree from a recognized institution
-Male or female under the age of 35
-successful candidate must be patient, responsible and well organized
-TESOL certification and previous experience an asset

- Range from beginner to advanced, elementary thru high school.
- Six hours a day five days a week
- weekly lesson plans

Contract highlights
-furnished accommodations provided
-Round trip ticket
-monthly salary of 1.8 million won
-50/50 medical coverage available

Please submit your resume, cover letter and recent photo to:

Please forward additional questions to:
General » CV
When a school/company/organization asks for a copy of your CV, what does that mean?
General » Any Pre-School teachers out there?

I taught preschool for almost a year and half, so I have some pretty good ideas, especially for discipline!!!

Please e-mail me at and I will be happy to give you some suggestions!!


Andrea Dinan

> I just started my first week teaching pre-school and am having a harder time than I expected. My students are age 2-4 in one class and 3-6 in another. Having fun during activity time and going to the park is no problem, but when it comes to the actual teaching of new stuff, I feel like I am talking to a brick wall. The kids are at varying levels - some not speaking any English at all and others that have been in the school for a year or more and have the basics of the classroom down already. I am pretty sure that I am going to have to get down to very basics and teach the things around the classroom (table, chair, put on your jacket) so that the class can flow.
> Also, any hints on getting them to do what you are telling them to do (like stop running in the classroom or quiet down during story time). There is only one or two very "hyper" kids in one of my classes. They start acting up and then the whole class gets into it. I guess what i am really looking for is pointers on how to gain control of a class of 2-4 year olds, and keep their attention when others seek to divert it away from me. Any pointers at all would be appreciated. Thanks!
General » Great feedback from a grad and job posting**
Nice job Blake and Ashley!

So glad to hear that things are going so well!


Andrea from Toronto

> **this posting will be listed in our Job Postings board as well**

> Hi,
> >
> > My name is Blake Sibbitt. I attended the Global TESOL college (Toronto
> > office) in August or September of 2005 and am now teaching in Xi'an,
> > Shaanxi, China for a school called KidCastle.
> >
> > I wanted to let Global TESOL know that they can add this school to the
> > "safe" list. It really is a great school...much more than we expected.
> > They give you everything you'd need to feel as comfortable as you would back
> > home - if not more.
> >
> > Currently, my branch of Kidcastle (7 schools in Xi'an) are going through
> > their contract renewal process. The majority of the teachers are continuing
> > on to Kidcastle schools in other provinces. If there are any students at
> > Global TESOL that are looking for immediate employment in China, let them
> > know they can get in contact with me and I will arrange an interview and
> > possible hiring.
> >
> > Thanks again for everyone's help in allowing me this opportunity. My
> > girlfriend and I (Ashley, who attended with me) are having a great time and
> > couldn't have chosen a better course of action at this point in our lives.
> >
> > Blake.
General » need help

There are quite a few countries that will hire you with your certification.

Please e-mail me at and include your resume as well as the countries where you wish to go.

> Depends on where you are willing to work. There are jobs in China that will take TESOL certification. I know folks working here who don't have degrees. If you can't find anything on the GTC job board, check out Dave's ESL cafe. You can PM me if you want to go into this deeper.
General » Seeking contacts
Hi Joyce,

My name is Andrea from the Toronto campus. I do have contacts in Costa Rica and I will be happy to forward them to you. Please e-mail me at

> I am actively seeking jobs----using the multitude of websites listed in our manual. I would really like tostart in a Spanish speaking country----preferably Costa Rica. If anyone has any contacts, pls send them my way.
> Thx, Joyce
General » Going To Costa Rica

Hi Stephanie, C.R. is a wonderful, peaceful country. It's inexpensive, the Ticas/Ticos are friendly, the country is beautiful, but the coffee is not great---they export their best coffee. The transportation is efficient but a little scary---they drive fast and the roads are bad cause of all of the rain. Car rental is very expensive.

I actually would love to have my first TESOL job in C.R. If you happen to get any contacts, please share them with me.

When are you going? I'd love to accompany you. Joyce