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General » BEWARE: Jobs in Spain

Beware of jobs posted for Spain. Some will make offers w/out

They will want your banking information; do NOT apply!!

General » Kathy Ezard TESOL Course Montreal
Hi my name is Zack i had the English courses with Kathy Ezard in April 2014 i was graduated in May 2015 .She is very good teacher she show how to be a good teacher and to be patient with the kids .I want to teach French or English or Spanish maybe in Malaysia or Thailand in few years .I had a very good time .For the moment i improve more myself to learn some teaching but i promise to try this wonderful experience with Global TESOL college .
General » question about length of time permitted for specialization courses
Hey Jim! I'm in the same boat as a few of the others on this thread. The online portion (including course material & exam) is still available to me.
Will I still have to pay the activation fee? If so, how much is it?


Tesol Grad, March 2012 - Toronto
General » Kathy Ezard TESOL Course Montreal
Hi everyone,

I recently graduated from Global TESOL College in December 2014. I was taught by Kathy Ezard in Montreal, and I wanted to mention that she is an AWESOME teacher. She is very dedicated, honest, inspiring, and approachable. Once I signed up for the course, I wasn't sure to expect, but she really put me and the other students at ease. She provided me with everything I needed to teach and get a job abroad. Also, I should add that she will go the extra mile to really help you find a good job that you will be happy with. I'm on the verge of signing a contract in Thailand, and Kathy helped me with the more technical aspects.

If you're still hesitating about taking this course, I urge you to register for Kathy's class in Ottawa or Montreal. This course will bring you many opportunities!

General » Contracts from May - August 2015
Hello, I'm currently in university and I'm looking to work overseas between the period of May and August. I'm having trouble finding a contract that lasts between this time period and I would like to know if anyone can direct me to where I could find a contract that fits this condition.

Thank you

- Martin
General » Looking for work in Asia
Cheers Jim,

I done my TESOL training online.
And thanks! I'll send you an email.

General » Looking for work in Asia
Hi Scott!

Please send us your resume and head/shoulders to and we can find something for you or direct you to the appropriate office. Where did you do your TESOL training?

Best wishes,

General » Looking for work in Asia
Hey there,

In January I recently passed my 240 TESOL Cert, and in 2 - 3 weeks, I have my ceremony for my Bachelors degree. I've had a few interviews for jobs in Japan and S.Korea - where I would like to go and teach - but haven't gotten anything yet.

I tried emailing the academic TESOL email address for assistance in Finding a job in S.Korea or Japan, but I never heard back. After contacting someone from the NZ branch, I was told to make a post here.

Thanks in advance for any help!
General » South America
Hello all,

I recently received my certificate and am getting ready to go to South America next year. I will most likely travel for 2-3 months before settling on a place, I'm not too picky about where.

I'm wondering if anyone has any good advice and or experiences about living, working and teaching anywhere in South America. I've heard that Ecuador is an easy place to feel at home. Two places I have been leaning towards are Colombia or Argentina. But again, I'm quite open. I'd also be interested in teaching english in places where I could also find other work such as being a UN observer or humanitarian work etc..

Any info would be much appreciated!
General » question about length of time permitted for specialization courses
Hi Diana!

Anyone who has not completed their specialization within 6 months of the start of the Foundation course needs to be re-activated and pays a re-activation fee. If the file has been non-active for over a year, then there is an additional file re-activation fee. If you took the course in Western Canada (i.e. Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg) then contact the Edmonton Office for assistance ( and Victor will process your re-activation and get you going into an amazing market place waiting for teachers. If you trained in Eastern Canada (i.e. Toronto, Newmarket, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton) then contact the Toronto Administration Office for assistance ( and Kat will process your re-activation. Please email me should you have any questions! Nest wishes, Jim