Teach English in Europe
and Eastern Europe

Teaching English in Europe
Brussels Belgium Europe

Population: 809,624,686

Countries: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain

More Information on Europe: There is an abundance of European and Eastern European countries all with their own unique charm, history, architecture, and amazing sites and culture. Traveling between countries is also uncomplicated with widespread train service and train passes offering unlimited train travel for one fee.


Teachers Needed in Europe and Eastern Europe

Europe has had a long standing need for English teachers for tourism and business. Eastern Europe is now seeing a growing need for English teachers as their countries continue to expand and grow into the global market economy.

Teaching English in Europe can be a rewarding experience as it is considered to be a highly demanding profession with good income and growth prospects. Percentage of English speaking population is fewer in nations like Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Russia; hence the demand for learning the language is always high. Central Europe and other parts of the continent have recently seen very high demand for teachers of English language.

To teach English in Europe, you need to earn a TESOL or TEFL certificate to teach English in any countries in Europe. Though requirement may vary among countries for teachers of the language, most of them require a global teaching certificate to qualify for the post. Global TESOL College offers TESOL courses that trains the teachers in practical teaching scenario with best teaching methods. To teach English in Europe you can take up TESOL courses either on-site or online from Global TESOL College and apply to be a teacher anywhere in Europe. The college is also equipped with placement cells that help you seek a job in order to teach English in Europe. To become an overseas English teacher, contact Global TESOL and get details regarding courses information and employment opportunities in Europe.

For more information on each individual country click on the individual country names above. For more information on other countries not listed here please contact Global Tesol.

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