New graduate looking for one semester contracts

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I'm graduating university in the next couple of weeks and I am taking the Global Tesol College certification course in Toronto in December. I'm starting to look for teaching positions in advance, as I want to do one come January or February.
I realize the majority of contracts available are typically for a 1 year duration. Personally, I would prefer to do a 4-6 month position somewhere.
Does anyone know of any specific positions that fit this criteria of starting in January or February and being 4-6 months long?
Or does anyone know how to go about searching for shorter one semester contracts?
Not restricting my search to anywhere in particular in the world, but currently looking at a Shanghai position.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!
Ryan Maguire
hi there
if you are interested in shorter term contract i know daves cafe often has a job in Georgia (the country) with green heart travel - they will do any contract for 3 months plus - I dont really know much about it but it may be worth a look

We have one semester jobs starting in February. Please send your resume and picture to and we can start the process prior to you starting our course in Toronto.