Huseyin Avni Sozen High School, Istanbul Turkey

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As anyone familiar with this school? They have offered me
a Contract(no interview was performed) They offer $7000
per month and a free apartment.

Has anyone out there worked for them? The offer seems
to be good to be true!!

Please respond


The school sent me a link for the Turkish Ministry of Labor
for an application for a work permit (visa). They charge
300 Euros for the visa application. Is anyone working for
Turkish schools aware of the 300 euro fee? Please advise.

Matt: Run the other way. Schools do not charge for visas since schools do not issue visas. We address this typical issues in class as part of contract preparation. The school would issue papers and a letter of invitation to assist with the visa - but not charge it for you. We have had several people apply for this type of job, only to discover that when they questioned the school, the "employer" became quite angry and irate, beginning to belittle the teacher for daring to ask. No legitimate employer, from my experience, would act in this manner.
Hello Jim,

I have already taken your advice. I had contacted the Turkish Consulate, and they advised me to ask the employer a letter that I am qualified to teach. The employer never complied with my request, so I am not pursuing it.

Hi Matt - I am currently in the process of a similar situation to the one you have described - with a Mr. Ghalid Fawwaz at the GHALID ISTANBUL SCHOOL 53, 35712 Beylikduzu, Istanbul Turkey. They have a website link on the emails they are sending me and apart from not being able to read the language, the website itself looks quite professional etc - would help if I could read it! I too have been offered a contract without any sort of interview (how they know I'm not an axe murderer I'm not sure!) and have also provided me with the email address of someone at the Turkish Ministry of Labour that I'm to get in touch with re. a work permit. The job offers free housing and 5000 Euro per month. I read your post just after I'd applied for the job and didn't even think I'd hear back from my application as I thought it was all a bit of a scam but since receiving 2 replies in fairly quick succession I too thought I would post on here to see if anyone has had experience with the above mentioned schools and what, if any advice they could give. I will be ringing the Turkish Embassy in Wellington tomorrow to see if they can help as well!
Hello Eman,

Thank you for your response. You should not pay the 300 Euro fee, especially when they want you to wire it via Western Union. Why would you send Euro when Turkey is using the Turkish Lira? When the offer sounds to be good to be true, usually it is!

Good Luck and keep me posted.