Looking for a job in Latin America

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Specifically in Brazil, Costa Rica or Peru.

Any help would be appreciated, will have Bachelor's by the end of the year and have 240 hour TESOL certification.
So far I've applied to many jobs on websites and sent any many e-mails with no responses. If anyone has experience working in Latin America and has the knowledge necessary to secure a job there, any help would be appreciated.
Hi Anthony - i'm also looking for work in Latin America, in Mexico. On many forums I read that it is better to just arrive and see for yourself how the situation is over there..

Anyway, I recommend the job forums on Daves ESL Cafe website - I think the link is www.eslcafe.com :)
oh hi, Len, Len Peat, Pleased to meet you Anthony, What do you do here in Mexico?

Ai am Nested Loop Engineer, Working for TESOL's Dragon Drop offer Financial Community "Black Abacus", Ten Dor Sec tun cod _NG?
Anthony, I worked for a year in Medellín, Colombia at a private language institute called Master English. The pay was $18000 pesos per hour (about $10). The classes are no more than fifteen, and usually about six or seven. The classrooms are air conditioned and the place is in a quiet area. The only trouble was that they never have enough classes to give you more than 20-25 hours per week. If you want to call them, their number is 0115744443412. The owner's name is Ivan, and he speaks good English. The academic director does the hiring, but there is a new one there since I left. Hope this helps.
Anthony, also for Colombia, you have to go to Bogotá to get your work visa. The cost is about $160 U.S. You can do it in one day, but you have to be there when they open around 7:00am, because you will have to wait in line several hours for the process.
Hi Anthony,

I am looking at options to teach in Panama and much like the above postings said, it may be easier to just arrive and network on the ground. I have also had luck with researching training institutions and potential contact for when I get there via facebook and linkedin. This way, you may at minimum have the names of some business owners and/or academic directors to ask for.
Any luck in Latin America yet Anthony?
I got a job in Cusco, Peru, a year ago. It was easy to get the job. I came here on a tourist visa, got a job offer at a private school and now have a carne de extranjeria trabajador that was sponsored by the school.
Desiree, can I go with you???!!!!!
lol ... Terry, I would say Panama is always a good place to go! I've been down there to visit since my last post, but haven't been able to move yet (that's in process for the new year). However, there's so many options it's hard to decide. Might be off to Brazil now.