Any ball park figure one can make tutoring in China

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I have been offered a contract in Tianjin China 13,000 per month. Any rough ideas as to what I can make on the side tutoring. Thanks Mardy
Depends where you are in China. You are in Tianjin. Despite the heavy pollution, Tianjin is a decent, first-tier city. I'm in Shenzhen and some of the teachers here are making 150 to 250 rmb/hr. One teacher I know was recently offered 8000 rmb/month to give private lessons to a wealthy businessman. That is not the norm but those opportunities do exist.

Shoot for 250 rmb/hr but expect about 150 - 200 rmb/hr.
Hi Jere
Sorry I did not reply right away, my sister passed away Friday and I have been at her bedside all week. Thank you for the information. Any ideas as what I will need to bring that I may not find in Tianjin? Also I have a new LG android tablet, I am told I can get it unlocked here in Calgary, do you know if I can get a sims card for it in China. I hope to be there in 2-3 weeks.
Thanks Mardy
Hi Mardy
Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I'm sure that was not an easy thing to go through. Send me an email and I can tell you what to bring (and the things I wish I brought with me before I left the USA). Here's my email :
Let me know if you have any other questions as well.