Is Tesol office closed down?

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Does anybody knows if the TESOL office in edmonton closed down or moved? I went there today but it was closed and I looked inside, there was no furniture.

Hi everyone - I handle TESOL programs in Eastern Canada - specifically, Toronto and surrounding areas, as well as Montreal. In Toronto, we had been located in one location for over 8 years. Recently, I made the decision that this office located in downtown Toronto was not an ideal location for the delivery of the TESOL course. Heating and air conditioning were a problem and not having direct subway access was also causing time delays and other public transit challenges. Parking costs were outrageous. Consequently, we moved to a site in the north part of the city, in a luxurious office tower with flat-screen Tv's, wireless internet, reduced rate parking and direct transit access. Since we use the location for the delivery of the course and not as a set office, we are also able to host information nights in other areas of the city and even deliver courses in various locations instead of being locked in to one specific location. Shortly after we made this decision, Edmonton did the same after they conducted their own feasibility studies and responded to the survey and course evaluations submitted by students/graduates. Consequently, Edmonton also moved from their set location and deliver the programs in a location which is perhaps more cost-effective and better meets the needs of the the students. While other smaller TESOL delivery organizations have increased tuition fees, we have not in spite of increases in market sectors which affect us (leases, costs of fuel, book costs, etc.). So while we hold the line, we continue to find cost-effective strategies which enable more people to participate in this training while delivering the courses in a comfortable and modern facility. So, no worries, Yvonne - we are very much "present"!
so where's the edmonton office now?
Hi David. The Edmonton office is currently relocating to a new location. We will be all ready to go as of May 5th. The new address will be posted on the website in next couple of weeks. You can contact us at toll-free 1-888-270-2941 to speak to a representative.