I would like to teach in South Korea!

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I am a Korean student studying in University of Nottingham (U.K)

I would like to work in Korea for 1~2 years to collect some money for my university tuition fees.

I have experience in personal tuition and also in Korean public school (summer and winter break season: after school class)

Please e-mail me!
Then go apply with EPIK?
the cutoff for epik was Jun 15

and i dont think 'cowdungshit' is a good professional work email address :)
haha i just noticed that
Hi Asif;

Have you contacted Amber at head office? She may be able to help with job placement. Try her at:


Also, make sure to filter through the websites job postings (we've been averaging 30 posts per day!!!!) There has to be at least one job in Korea waiting for you!

Best of luck!
zoie, i think you meant to address that to kim, they were the one looking for a job in korea
i have already been placed with epik! :)
Ha Ha!! Yup! Sorry about that! Kim, please read the message I addressed to Asif!

Asif, how's your placement going?
they're supposed to start mailing epik contracts this week and the orientation starts around aug 17/18