Also looking for a Job in China, I do have a High School diploma as well as teaching experience

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Hey guys I was in the Global TESOL course last December and have been looking for a job overseas, I also was assured by Jim that I would be guaranteed a job in China. After searching for many months, in which I have had the opportunity to speak with employers over the phone, I have come up empty. The employers I spoke with were enthusiastic about hiring me until they asked about what University I attended, after I tell them I haven't went to University they inform me that it would be impossible for them to higher me as the requirements for teaching in China do require a degree.
I'm wondering if I'm just doing something wrong, or that maybe Global TESOL should change their guarantee to Job guaranteed for University grads.
Hopefully someone out there can help me.
the government of the respected nation requires one to have a University degree in order for them to issue you a working permit (Visa).
Hi Ben!

Have you given Global TESOL College your CV or contacted them directly so they can properly assist and advise you? Have you considered hiring a recruiter to aide with your search and translate on your behalf? Have you asked anybody through the grad forums about schools that accepted them without a degree? Are you able to upgrade to get a degree?

All things to think about! Best of Luck!
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mention you are interested in china and do not have a degree and see what hits you get.

somebody from the tesol class before mine was hired without a degree from this site. the school 'created' a fake degree for him to get the work visa. there are other people from my tesol class also that do not have degrees and are interested in china. like zoie said, also let them tidy up your resume for you
Hey Ben,

It's going to be pretty hard to get a job unless you know someone already in China who can get your foot in the door. Or I would suggest using a recruiter.

I'm in China without a degree but it wasn't easy. Or course Jim gave you that information. If he was upfront about it, you wouldn't have taken the course.

E-mail me if you need some help:
Hi All,

I have my TESOL as of Jan 31 2010, I DO NOT have a BA and I'm in Beijing China teaching 2 months now 2 contracts back to back & I'll be back in Toronto Canada Aug 2011. It can be done! Do not give up!